mexicofinder mexico city culinary weekend
mexicofinder mexico city culinary weekend

Mexico City Culinary Weekend

We all love Mexican food - The best foodie weekend you will ever have!


  • Culinary Creativity workshop with a private chef
  • A local Markets tasting tour
  • Tacos de Suadero
  • Mezcal and Tequila
  • Cocktail workshop in the Downtown terrace
  • Visit Mexico from an Artistic perspective
  • Bucket List – Top Restaurants of the World

The weekend in Mexico City

Mexican food is delicious, recognized as World Heritage, and famous all over the World. But eating in Mexico might differ from the Mexican food you know from the restaurant in your hometown. Mexican food can just be experienced at its source.

We have put together a weekend with the perfect balance for you to become an expert in the Mexican Cousine. Enjoy Mexico City, one of the top culinary scenes in the World.

From the best restaurants in the World to the best street food experience led by one of the top chefs in Mexico City. You will love the aroma of the smoke streaming away from the street taquerias. Enjoy History in a drink made of fermented sap of maguey – Pulque in the Cantinas of the Historic Center.

“Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown.” – Anthony Bourdain

Sample Itinerary – Culinary weekend

Day 1 –  Arrival + Polanco Neighborhood + Dinner & Wine Tasting

Arrive until midday and check into your hotel, ideally located in the location of your preference.

Your designated driver will pick you up at the arrival gate, he will be introduced previously to you so you can easily recognize him. Enjoy a glass of sparkling wine during the ride to your hotel.

We will make the Check-in for you. At your arrival, go straight to your room, and you will have time to refresh before we start the Gastronomic Journey.

In the afternoon, we will explore the hip neighborhood of Polanco. What better way to start your trip with some typical Mexican dishes and to explore the area. We will try tiny bites of Oaxaca’s Cuisine Famous Oaxaca-Style Restaurant, Authentic Mexican Tamales, One of a kind Mexican taqueria specialized in Yucatan’s famous Cochinita Pibil, a lovely Mexican Cantina in the heart of Polanco and Mexico City’s gourmet chocolatier.

Today’s highlight is dinner at one of the most exclusive restaurants in Mexico. But before dinner, we will introduce you to the most sublime wines in Mexico. You will experience a wine tasting workshop with the resident sommelier of Dulce Patria restaurant.

Mexico’s Wine culture is not a new trend, it goes back to the Spanish conquer. Nowadays, Mexico has some of the most excellent wines in the World, like Don Leo, the most awarded Cabernet Sauvignon, and consider the best Cabernet in the World.

After the Wine introduction, we will have a reserved table at Dulce Patria, a High Mexican Cuisine Restaurant by Marta Ortiz. We recommend you have the 7-time Menu paring with a different wine, Beer, and local beverages. This is a genuine gastronomic experience.

But of course, you will be all into Mexican food for the following days, so we also recommend trying one of the top restaurants of the World that are in Mexico City. We will get you a table at Pujol (12th in the World 50 Best) or Quintonil (23st in the World 50 Best) in case you want to cross one of these restaurants from your bucket list.

After dinner, our friendly driver will take you back to your hotel.

Day 2 – Street Food + Tequila

Have a peaceful morning at the hotel. We recommend you have a light breakfast since today you will have the most exciting experience around food that you could have when visiting Mexico City.

In the morning, we will visit San Juan Market for further authentic tasting experiences. This Market is where the locals go to buy their food and to eat. The maximum expression of culture and gastronomy will be on the aisles of this Market.

The first approach to Mexican Delicatessen will be the Flautas. These are rolled tortillas stuffed with roast Lamb deep fried and served with sour cream, cabbage, and of course, but optional spicy Salsa.

Walking through the Market, you will discover the Mexican World of fast food. From Comida Corrida, that is an inexpensive daily Menu to Tortas, Tacos, and all types of the real Mexican street food delicatessen.

We will also walk outside the Market at the historical center. You will try some local street food like the best Tacos al Pastor in Mexico City and some fresh Carnitas. End up in a Mexican Cantina to try one of the most ancient spirits in Mexican History, the Pulque from Agave Plant.

We will then continue to the Museum of Tequila and Mezcal that is located in one of the most Iconic spots in Mexico City, Plaza Garibaldi. This plaza is where all the Mexican stereotypes merge at one single square. The music of Mariachi will be surrounding the whole atmosphere.

At the Museum of Tequila d Mezcal, you will get a brief introduction of the National Spirit of Mexico. Then we will go to the terrace where we will have a private spot reserved for you to have a Paring Menu. Small bites from all Mexican regions explained deeply from the resident Chef and paired with local Beer and premium tequila.

After Mariachi music and Tequila, you will have the rest of the evening free for you to choose the best activity according to your interest. Our Guide will recommend the best options accordingly. If you were still hungry, we would offer some recommendations. You have transportation at your disposal.

Day 3 – Cooking Class + Artistic Historic Center + Underground Jazz

Have a late breakfast at your will. Enjoy the morning at the Hotel swimming pool, go to the local handicraft market, or explore the city with your dedicated driver.

At noon a Chef will meet you and take you to a local market located in the Roma Neighborhood. Here you will visit the local markets to get all the raw material for a culinary workshop in a local Kitchen. The Chef will ask your preferences and will understand your wishes. They will guide you and teach you how you can create different Mexican dishes at home according to the availability of the components in your country. Enjoy a live cooking experience and get to know all the basics of Mexican Gastronomy.

After Lunch, you will head to Mexico City historic center. Mexico City is one of the largest and most exciting cities in the World. At your arrival at the Historical Center, we will meet one of our Guides that specializes in Architecture and Archeology. He will show you around in a short walk places like “The Zocalo,” The heart of the city, the Metropolitan Cathedral, one of the oldest and largest of the Americas, and (if open) the National Palace, home of the famous Diego Rivera murals.

Then you will walk to the Terrace of the Hotel Downtown, where we will have a short explanation of how to mix Mezcal and some ingredients to create a cocktail to impress anyone. Of course, you will have some time to see the sunset over the historic buildings in one of the most impressive city centers of the World.

After our Sunset Cocktail, you will have dinner at one of the most impressive restaurants in Mexico City (same historical building). The restaurant Azul Historico is an obligated stop when visiting  Ço. The experience is on every plate with flavors, colors, and presentations that will enhance your exposure to Mexican Gastronomy.

After dinner, we will invite you and walk some blocks to one of our preferred Live Music Halls in Mexico City. The Jazz Club focuses on providing daily shows with independent artist, have a mojito while listening to the best Jazz underground in Mexico City.

Our always available driver and your Mexico Finder Advisor will be there when you are ready to go back to your hotel.

Day 4 – ADIÓS

Enjoy breakfast at the hotel and use the time you have left to see more of Mexico City on your own.

Your assigned driver will always be on the spot. Just go to the lobby and Check.  At the proper time, he will take you to the airport and wish you a pleasant flight.

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