Cacaxtla, Testimonies to a Glorious Past

The Cacaxtla Archeological Site has gained international renown mainly owing to the impeccable quality of its murals but also because it forms part of an extraordinary collection of archaeological artifacts of which Xochitecatl and San Miguel del Milagro are also a part. Over in the municipality of Navititas on Tlaxcalas, newly discovered archeological finds, the palatial and ritual Cacaxtla Ensemble, which means “Place where the rain dies on earth.” The murals in this archeological site are in pristine condition, depicting and guarded by great gods with feline attributes, a magnificent eagle over a desperate battle, and a figure that is half man and half scorpion (a symbol of the Venus cult and ritual to the elements of water and corn).

The Xochitecatl Archeological site consists of four essential pyramids: the flowers pyramid, serpent pyramid, spiral pyramid, and the volcano basement. The Volcano Basement is the biggest of the four. It stands as a testament to the historical and cultural sequence of the city, forming a landmark between the medium period to the colonial period. Here you can visit the 30 child burials sheltered within and a spectacle of minerals, wealth, and sculptures.

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