Copper Canyon

In the State of Chihuahua, a place that will surprise you

When we started writing about the Copper Canyon, we knew that it is a place that you will love. It is a majestic place in Chihuahua. It is a place where you will want to visit it right away just by looking at its pictures. A place you should not miss is CopperF Canyon. Many travelers arrive delighted after taking a vacation there. We are sure that it is a place where you will bring many memories. 

That mountainous landscape with stunning colors where the sunset turns the mountains and gives a reddish tone that you will want to capture.

When we toured this majestic league, we realized that it is a place that does not have a representative color. All colors are protagonists in this incredible place. The Copper Canyon has shown us the wonders of nature. We have discovered that it is a place that we would visit without any problem. Our minds will never stop admiring this wonderful visit to this place. The people are kind, and they made us envious because they live in a great area where we would like to spend a lot of time. Before visiting the Copper Canyon, we never imagined the wonders we found there. 

Today we want to share with you the wonders that our eyes could admire in our visits to the Copper Canyon, a place we recommend to all people who wish to live adventure tourism, rest, relaxation, and admiration of the landscapes. It is a place where you will find many people taking pictures and looking for the best place to practice adventure sports. You will find the locals selling delicious food that you did not imagine to find there. You will also find the Copper Canyon Railroad, also called Chepe, where you will be able to visualize all the landscapes during the tour and enjoy this wonderful place that we bring to you today.

And without further ado, we will tell you about the attractions of the Copper Canyon. We are sure you will love the place and that it will possibly be your next tourist destination.

What you should know before going to the Copper Canyon

One of the most important attractions of the Copper Canyon is the train that will take you through this majestic place. The Chepe, as this train is known, is one of the most fantastic attractions in the state of Chihuahua. The Luxury train is the principal mean of transportation that you will practically be obliged to use since it is something that you have to experience at least once in your life to buy the train tickets. The most recommendable thing is that you buy them one day before directly at the ticket office so that you can choose if you want to buy the premium class or an economic class that leaves only one hour of the day. On the train, you will admire the beautiful landscapes and even meet people who also go on your same plan. 

The Copper Canyon has an excellent climate. Any time of the year is good to visit; however, if you are one of those who prefer cold weather, we recommend that you travel between September and October because it starts raining. In January and February, you can enjoy a snowy landscape that you will not believe exists on this planet. However, we suggest that you go protected, as the temperature drops to approximately 2 degrees.

We suggest that you bring light clothing and a swimsuit if you want to visit the waterfalls and dive into the rivers. If you visit the canyon in the winter season, we suggest you bring the appropriate clothing.

Copper Canyon Attractions You Can’t-Miss

As mentioned, the Copper Canyon is a group of 6 canyons located in the Sierra Madre Occidental in the south of Chihuahua’s state in northeastern Mexico. This canyon is formed by six rivers that give the landscape a splendor never seen before.

This place is inhabited by Tharaumaras Civilization, so you will see them throughout their journey. They are very friendly and very helpful people with whom you will love to talk and tell you about the majesty of Copper Canyon.

The Copper Canyon has an extension of 60000 square kilometers where many excursions are made, and some very attractive points can be seen. It is a place where hiking and some adventure sports like rafting or mountain biking are practiced. The indigenous communities can also be known by those who do not want to practice any adventure sport.

One of the attractions is also the cable car that crosses the canyon. You can see the best landscapes since it runs 2.8 kilometers at an altitude of 400 meters. The cable car can transport 500 people every hour and has been called the world’s longest cable car.

We recommend starting in a town near the city of Chihuahua, in a town called Creel. There you will find exciting attractions where you can begin this incredible journey. In this place, there are a lot of options for adventure tourism, where you can navigate through its extensive rivers and visit the waterfall of Basaseachi, it is a spectacular place and is the highest waterfall in Mexico.

The places you can visit to know the Copper Canyon will always be associated with the enjoyment of the landscape’s wonders and some adventure sports practice. However, it doesn’t mean that if you don’t practice some adventure sport, you can’t know the Copper Canyon, since there are activities for all tastes. You will even have places to buy handicrafts and share them with the indigenous communities of Chihuahua.

If you are a passionate photographer, the Copper Canyon can be an exciting place to visit. We are entirely sure that you will bring spectacular photos that you will want to share everywhere.

Another of the most important attractions of the Copper Canyon is its beautiful viewpoints. You can appreciate the best view you have ever imagined. You can take pictures and enjoy the most beautiful sunsets you have ever seen.

How to get to Copper Canyon?

By reading all these attractions, we know that you have decided to visit the Copper Canyon on your next vacation and believe that we are entirely confident that it is a trip that you will enjoy at all times.

Getting to the Copper Canyon is simple. Since it is a beautiful place and one of the most representative of Chihuahua’s state, you will find all the possible plans to design the perfect trip that fits your tastes and needs.

It only remains to tell you that it is a place worth visiting and that we always recommend to our clients to see without a doubt, it is a place that brings back very good memories and where it says that you will spend some incredible days and will be able to do all kinds of activities, such as sports, hiking, buying crafts, taking pictures, and even making great friends because all the people who travel to the Copper Canyon know that we will find groups of people with whom we will continue our journey and enjoy that stay in this beautiful place as it is the Copper Canyon.

We suggest you see all the pictures and know how wonderful this place can be your next tourist destination every day; you will have many activities that you will love. Here we tell you the most important attractions of this place. We are sure you will be able to plan your trip with all the information we provide. We assure you that the Copper Canyon is a place that you will love and that you will always want to visit again to get to know the contrast and the change generated with the passing of the months. The time that we have liked the most in the winter season. Although we thought it would be complex because of the snow, we managed to prepare ourselves before and enjoy this wonderful trip. 

We take with us an excellent memory of the Copper Canyon. We are sure that every day in this place you will enjoy it and realize that it is a place worth visiting, either alone, with your partner or family, with a group of friends, or to meet people, it is a place where you will find many people who are in the same plan, and that can be a rewarding experience where you can enjoy the magic of the site and the hospitality of the locals. 

Take into account all the recommendations, especially those of the climate, since temperature changes are essential, and it is up to you to choose the moment that best suits your tastes so that you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind. 

We hope this information we share with you is useful. You enjoy 100% this trip that will only bring you rewarding experiences. We wish you a fantastic journey and hope that every day you spend in the Copper Canyon, you enjoy it and find the value of every landscape and every experience you live there.

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