Discover Teotihuacan

The city of Goods

One of the most important locations in Mexico and the world, where the spiritual and material knowledge of Mesoamerican people, generated the highest architectural, urban, and artistic expression.

As evidence of the high degree of civilization attained that culture today remain some of the most impressive buildings of the pre-Hispanic world.

The Pyramid of the Sun (second largest in Mexico), Pyramid of the Moon, Temple of Quetzalcoatl, all aligned around a broad avenue of over 2 kilometers, has been given for calling “the Street of the Dead.”

The Teotihuacan Village, because of the large number of small pyramids in their path, led to believe archaeologists in the area that were mausoleums.

Also in this archaeological site, many palaces like Quetzalpapalotl and several well-preserved murals that tell us the very refined and beautiful way how to see the world in this culture is, it disappeared mysteriously, apparently by a series of climatic and social factors that led to his fall from the eighth century AD

The famous archaeological site of Teotihuacan is located north of Mexico City and is accessible via the road to Pachuca. As in Chichen Itza or Cuicuilco in this archaeological area host the festival of the spring equinox.

You can also enjoy a view of the city of Gods in a hot air balloon ride or cross it by bike, plus enjoy good pulque in this area.

How to get to Teotihuacan

The Archaeological Zone of Teotihuacan is around 60 km from Mexico City. Even there is always the possibility of getting there with public transportation. You might consider spending a couple of hours and maybe getting lost if you are not familiar with the Mexico public transportation system.

The most convenient way is instead to take a tour of Mexico City. Many companies offer this service even you can arrange this with the Concierge of your Hotel.

And the most comfortable way is with private transportation since this is how you can manage your time and able to make your decisions.

Practical information

  • Teotihuacan Pyramids are open daily from 8 am to 5pm.
  • The entrance is 80 pesos, the parking lot is 45 pesos. Children under 13 and People over 60 are free of charge.
  • Photography and Video are allowed to pay permission at the ticket office, be aware that it is not permitted to take professional Video.
  • Is not pet friendly

Where to eat in Teotihuacan

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The Gastronomy Options in Teotihuacan are quite unique and local. You can taste some delicious “barbacoa,” the meat of sheep, cooked traditionally in a hole dug in the ground covered with maguey leaves. This tradition remained since the Aztecs occupied this region. Or a hundred different ways to eat “Nopal” a type of cactus that you will see very often when visiting Mexico and trying the local Gastronomy.

Many local restaurants around the Archaeological Zone offer typical food of the region. Still, we recommend you to try La Gruta Restaurant since the restaurant is in a unique location -in a cave- and offer live shows at lunch. It is located in the front of the entrance door #5 fo the archeological zone of Teotihuacan.

Another good option to have lunch is the Gran Teocalli Restaurant, located on the way back to the city. It offers a Buffet Lunch, a la carte, and also a BBQ grill that is open for lunch. Also, one of the few options for breakfast, so if you need a restaurant open at your convenience, this one is the option.

If you choose you to drive back and wait a little bit longer to have lunch, there is a great option just right at the entrance of Mexico City. The Restaurant Montecristo is located in an ancient “Meson Mexicano” from the 18th Century and offers high-end Mexican Cuisine from all country regions.



Get to Teotihuacan Early during the weekends, there are many visitors and Sundays is the entrance is free for National visitors. Also, you will spend less time to get there since the traffic in Mexico City is something to consider.

It is quite hot during the day we recommend you wear light clothes and take suncream with you.

Getting to know everything about this culture could be quite a challenge. We recommend you to pay an Expert Local Guide to give you the most exciting explanation of the Archeological site, the cost is around $45 at the ticket office. They offer this service in several languages.

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