Best Things to Do in Monterrey, Mexico

One of the most eccentric destinations in Mexico

Monterrey is not only the economic powerhouse of Mexico but is also the most important cultural and historical city. Despite being an ultra-modern city, Monterrey is home to picturesque patios and old-Spanish like narrow alleys. This city has so much to offer from exploring the city’s museum, large towns, parks, mountains, and old neighborhoods.

Tourists often overlook Monterrey, but you will be pleased to look at all the things you can do. So, let’s dig in!

Santa Lucia Riverwalk

Santa Lucia Riverwalk is an inner-city artificial canal where you can enjoy both walking and boating. If you like walking, run along a 2-km long riverside lined with bohemian restaurants, public art, and impressive water fountains. If you don’t feel like walking, take a boat tour along the river and take a look at the city’s history and famous buildings. So, have a romantic stroll with your loved ones along the gorgeous teal colored river.

See exhibitions at MACRO Museum.

MACRO- The Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the top attractions in Monterrey. It features an extensive collection of modern art from across the country. See the fantastic highlights of this museum: paintings, sculptures, and installations from famous Italian artists.

Enjoy at Fundidora Park

Fundidora is a large public park located inside the old Foundry property. It is an excellent place with several recreational activities. Have some fun with your family at its playgrounds, sports arena, ice rinks, and waterpark. The man highlight of this park is Sesame Street Park and Horno3. Keep yourself entertained and immerse yourself in nature and traditions at the heart of the town.

Go for cave exploring and see the impressive waterfall.

Enjoy the superb views of Mexico’s most extensive cave system, Garcia. Ride a cable car for fun and admire the breathtaking views. At the entrance, get surprised by the theaters connected by tunnels and unusual formation of stalactites and stalagmites. Have a look at the impressive Light Chamber and beautiful Horsetail Waterfall. Take photos here and enjoy the tranquil view of splashing water.

Take a nostalgic walk along Barrio Antiguo.

Barrio Antiguo is a well-preserved historical town of 18th- and 19th-century colonial architecture. Many restaurants and boutiques surround Barrio Antiguo.

It is a perfect place to satisfy your hunger. Take a break from the nostalgic stroll and have some fantastic food at one cafe or restaurant.

Visit Alfa Planetarium

The Alfa Planetarium is a fun place for people of all ages. It features two telescopes or stargazing and an aviary with bird species from across Latin America. Spend your evening here while looking at the stars, enjoy interactive exhibitions, incredible film projection, and feed the birds.

Visit the Macroplaza

Macroplaza is the world’s fourth-largest public square. It is the most essential tourist attraction featuring older plazas, monuments, and pretty gardens. Take a walk through the famous points of interest in Macroplaza: Lighthouse of Commerce, Government Palace, Neptune Fountain, and Heroes’ Esplanade.

These were some of the best things that you can do during your stay in Monterrey. Explore this trademark city with these things to do and have fun.

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