Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

The pacific jewel and top destination

If you are a lover of beach tourism, today we bring you an incredible place called Ixtapa, which means: white place, is a place that is located in the municipality of Zihuatanejo in the State of Guerrero, is 5 km northwest of the municipal seat and approximately 245 km northwest of Acapulco, is a touristic complex administered by the National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism and is a very striking coast that has brought many visitors for its wide range of hotels and beautiful beaches. Ixtapa receives approximately two million tourists annually. 

This destination is among our favorites because it offers a wide range of experiences, a great climate, incredible gastronomy, top golf courses, and a great Mexican atmosphere. Ixtapa is a very visited place by travelers from the United States of Canada from Switzerland, Argentina, and Italy. Clearly, it has many visitors from other countries; however, it is a place of interest for short-haul international flights.

Without further ado, we will tell you what the attractions of Ixtapa are. You will be able to find an excellent holiday offer that will make you love Ixtapa’s. Tourist Attractions Ixtapa is a place very appreciated by families who want to travel to the beach without complications. With everything included, they offer all the services and all the entertainment to make an unforgettable vacation. 

In Ixtapa, there are activities for all tastes. For this reason, you will find different offers that adapt to your style. 

Archaeological Museum of the Xihuacan Mayan Ruins 

In Mexico, you can find a significant amount of sites to visit the Mayan ruins. Ixtapa is not the exception. Here you can find the ruins and the archaeological site of Xihuacan and get there does not generate any complications since you can get there by car in only half an hour, you will be able to visualize the majesty of this civilization with some impressive structures that date from more than 3000 years ago, you can visit the museum where you can admire the corresponding pieces in which a stone carved by the Mayans stands out which is one meter high and is one of the biggest attractions of the place, there you will find a pyramid called Soledad de Maciel, you will find relics and objects like vases, ceramics, and other tools that the Mayans used. 

Las Gatas Beach 

This beautiful beach of crystalline water is called this way because previously an incredible amount of catfish, this beach almost not has waves and there you will be able to spend the day diving or snorkeling and any other type of beach activity, you will find a complete gastronomic offer where you will be able to appreciate the delights of the place.

Visit the center of Ixtapa.

It is a place you can’t miss, and there you will find a lot of tourist attractions like restaurants, cafes, and history all over the place.

Ixtapa is a destination that you cannot miss. You will find activities for all tastes. You will notice that it is a very economical place that will allow you to enjoy many activities at a low cost. We hope you enjoy this outstanding achievement and can rest for a few days on the magnificent beaches of Ixtapa

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