It is one of the most significant regions in Jalisco State

Zapopan is known for its high corn production at a national level. It is also the religious center with more importance in the east of the city, counting with the ancient Indian village of Zapopan and the shrine of “Nuestra Señora de Zapopan” (“Our Lady of Zapopan”), who serves as the patron saint of the city. You can also find other religious temples with an excellent infrastructure worth of appreciation; the tradition of this virgin is to pass by every temple of the metropolitan zone. And after visiting them all, in the area, it has its comeback in peregrinations on the 12 of October surrounded in marc of celebrations and folkloric manifestations. 

You can also find the colorful Museum of the Huichol Art. The Huicholes are indigenous groups that have kept their customs, dialects, and traditions until today. We will then continue to drive to the impressive Oblatos Canyon to admire the scenery around the most important canyon of the region, home to a wide variety of flora. Enjoy the breathtaking views and the sounds of nature. 

Zapopan, besides having a privileged style of leaving, is one of the most visited cities of the state since it has the best hotels in the metropolitan zone. Let’s not forget to mention that it counts with the best typical gastronomy of the state. The historic Center is a really transited area by the residents; it counts with museums, important statues, famous restaurants, churches and a market around. Zapopan a city that should be in mind!!

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