San Miguel de Allende Travel Guide

It is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico. Once a quiet, quaint, cobble-lined town that developed a following among artists, San Miguel de Allende has exploded in popularity with foreign expatriates. They have chosen to live in Mexico. The overall environment is still colonial and bohemian. Still, the town is alive with activity and growth, making it an exciting place to visit.

Mexico top Cultural and Artistic Destination 


Regular fiestas and colorful processions throughout the whole city add to the feeling that time stands still in San Miguel de Allende. An array of award-winning restaurants and cafes, ranging from traditional to cutting edge, earned the city the honor as one of Mexico’s top culinary capitals. 


Daily lifestyle circles around arts and learning, painting, weaving, photography, and sculpture. This is why you shouldn’t miss a visit to the local handcraft market. You can find samples of the local craftsmanship made of metals, papier mache, blown glass, and more. 

San Miguel de Allende has been one of the top destinations in Mexico, especially for expatriates from the U.S. drawn by the near-perfect weather and low cost of living. Travelers love it for its quaint old buildings and history to stop along the silver route in earlier times. 

That quaintness is enhanced further by its cobblestone streets and courtyard gardens. Its beauty also draws artists from all corners of World.

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