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Nizuc Luxury Resort in Cancun

World Class Resort in Cancun

Top Notch

No doubt is the most luxurious resort on the Cancun area, with suites and villas around the 29-acre property with private pools and terraces with fantastic ocean or garden views.

Hotel Nizuc is a unique mix of modern and ancient Mayan ambiance. Nizuc means dog nose. In the past, this property used to be the presidential getaway beach house, and now it turned as the top luxury resort in Cancun.

The most instagrammable Hotel in the world

Hotel Nizuc

With elegant wooden huge doors, a warm welcome, and notorious staff’s service Nizuc Hotel will fulfill all your expectations of a top-notch, world-class Hotel. The check-in area is a fantastic open lobby with an ocean view. Private villas will check you in at the villa with and a private butler available 24/7 will be assigned to you.

Location Nizuc Luxury Resort

Located just 5 minutes from Cancun International Airport and at the Hotel Zone Area. Nizuc is the perfect place if you are looking for a great location plus exclusive and privacy. With no other hotel, next door, and its specific location on the point is the only Hotel that offers sunrise and sunset beach views.

Onsite perfect activities such as water sports, one of the best spas on Mexico, culinary experiences, and off-site options like golf, fishing, Scuba diving, tours, and excursions is a unique resort.

Luxury Villas and Residence Suites

Nizuc offers 3 luxury accommodation options.

The Ocean Suites with a modern Mayan design and top of the line amenities, this suite is the closest to the lobby and main building

Residences suites, with ocean or garden view, are ideals for families. With concierge service 24/ 7 and transportation on request in golf carts, the suites are perfect for privacy.

Private Villas, with infinity pools and indoor and outdoor showers, just a walking distance from the lobby and main building, are perfect for families or small parties. The presidential villa with 2 bedrooms and a fantastic rooftop deck to use as a private venue for romantic dinners or sunset cocktails.

Gourmet Options at Nizuc

With 6 world-class restaurants, with award winners, dishes and chefs put this Hotel on the map as a culinary hotel destination. Each Restaurant has its own gastronomic specialty, and every Restaurant is an amazing culinary experience.

Ramona is the Mexican Restaurant with a twist of modern contemporary inspiration with a fantastic setting for the dishes and ocean view.

Ni is the Peruvian Restaurant with specialty om fresh and seafood options.

La Punta Grill Restaurant, with a fantastic ocean view, is the perfect place for lunch or dinner, with amazing flavors of meat or seafood.

Restaurant Indochine is the perfect fusion between Asian and fresh local ingredients, with modern techniques.

For Bar options, Nizuc has world-class options, such as a mixology bar, Havana Bar, the perfect place for cigars, and Caribbean rums. We recommend you try the culinary activities the Hotel Nizuc offers, like cooking classes and wine blind tasting with the House Sommelier and, of course, Tequila Tasting.

Our Review
The Hotel Nizuc in Cancun is a top high-end hotel in the Cancun area. Perfect for families' getaways and the most demanding clients. Service and culinary options are outstanding.
One Unique thing
Value for money
Service is impressive, couldn't be better
Culinary options are fantastic
Unique resort on the destinations, no other like it
The Hotel's location is unique, as is the only Hotel that you can enjoy sunset or sunrise
Some of the suites located far from the main lobby, sometimes especially during night, take a while to wait for a golf cart. The Hotel is improving this service, so soon it shouldn't be a problem
The Hotel is not walking distance from the main urban attractions of Cancun. There is always Transportation service from the Hotel to the Cancun area.
Left-wing of the Hotel has the most impressive beach.
Top Notch

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