VICEROY Riviera Maya Luxury Resort

The Luxury Villas are a dream

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About VICEROY Riviera Maya

The Resort VICEROY Riviera Maya is definitely an experience. The Hotel has less than 40 rooms, and all of them are Luxury Mayan Villas immerse in the Tropical Jungle. The piece of Land is cover just with the Jungle that surrounds each of the Villas, making them private and peaceful.

At the arrival, there is no concierge or front desk, which makes you feel like you are not arriving at a Resort or Hotel.

Before you go to your Luxury Villa, the friendly staff welcome you with a short Mayan purification Ceremony with a deep spiritual meaning. You can skip this part if you want, but we recommend you try it, its kind of bits of help to start a great Holiday. 

Travel and Leisure have cataloged VICEROY as one of the best resorts in the World, and we firmly believe it is one of the best in Mexico for its niche. 

The Luxury Villas resort are a dream


The Location of the resort VICEROY reflects its concept.  The Beach is almost private. The neighbors are other concept Hotels, so there are no significant numbers of people around the property on the Beach. 

To go to Playa del carmen from the VICEROY resort you probably want to take a taxi from the Hotel which is just 5 minutes away.

There are a lot of things to do around the Hotel, like Diving, Jungle Trekking, Golf, Fishing, and Sinkholes. Also, Tulum and Coba are considerably close in case you are interested in the Mayan World. 

The Luxury Villa

The Private Villas are the main attraction in thE VICEROY Resort. They will make you feel as if they were made exclusively for you. Each Villa has its own private swimming pool that can be temperature regulated. You will have your own private patio where you can relax in a hammock hand made. 

The inside of the rooms is just extraordinary with a modern Mayan design that makes you want to be on the bed the whole day.

Some amenities of the room are Great Wi-Fi, Open Shower, Private Pool, Dedicated service staff, Room Service, Nespresso Machine, Egyptian Cotton bed sheets, and Eco Friendly set up.

Gourmet Options


Definitely a Culinary delight, the VICEROY Resort restaurants are Design Chef creating unique flavors and exclusive experiences. 

The Restaurant Coral is open the whole day for any occasion. Breakfast has the right balance Menu of Mexican and International options. The second floor with a first row feeling of the sea breeze pared with the unique culinary dishes add enchantment to your dining experience. 

Our Review
The Hotel offers an exceptional experience perfect for a romantic getaway or a spiritual reset. It is extremely private with outstanding service.
One Unique thing
Value for money
We believe the Service cannot be better
Exceptional gastronomy
The Jungle meets the Caribbean sea
There are few Villas with ocean view; the concept is a Luxury Villa immerse in the more distinct Jungle.
Is not walking distance from the main attractions in Playa del Carmen but take a taxi and in 5 minutes you are there
Maybe it is not always, but dinner at the patio of the Villa could be a little bit uncomfortable because there could be a lot of mosquitos. Ask your assigned buttler to help you with this experience.
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