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Best Things to Do in Zicatela, Mexico

Mexico's Surfing Paradise

Zicatela (Puerto Escondido) is a surfers and backpackers paradise. But if you are wondering what more it can offer, than you will not be disappointed in it. Zicatela, a surfer’s mecca, is a stunning place in Mexico’s Pacific coast in the state of Oaxaca.

It is a laid-back town with pristine beaches, beautiful sunsets, shopping manias, and unusual things to see and do. This pacific gem is a perfect place for parties, going to nightclubs, and enjoying delicious foods.

So, even if you are not an avid surfer, there is so much that you can do and explore. Here is the list of some fantastic things to try while on your trip to Zicatela.

Try Surfing at Playa Zicatela

Reach out to this legendary 3.5 km long best-known surfing spot offering the famous waves of Mexican Pipeline. Enjoy the sight and water of this long sandy beach. Although its best for surfers if you are not interested in surfing, there are fantastic hip cafes, restaurants, hotels lining the shore. So, stick to the northern end of the beach and enjoy your beer while watching the waves.

Go for a Bioluminescence tour at night.

Have a tour around Manialtepec Lagoon situated between the foothills of the Sierra Madre del Sur and the Pacific Coast. This beautiful place glows at night when lagoons are disturbed. You can try kayaking or take a boat tour at night to witness the magical scenes of luminosity.

Hit the beaches

Zicatela (Puerto Escondido) has one of the fantastic beaches in Mexico that appeals to the traveler looking for a relaxing beach experience. One such beach is Playa Manzanillo that has gentle waves making it best for snorkeling and swimming. Another famous beach with calm waves is Playa Carrizalillo. Other worth visiting beaches are Mazunte, Zipolite, and Puerto Angel. So have a quiet and peaceful walk along the beach while sipping your cocktail.

Watch the beautiful sunsets.

Sunsets in Zicatela (Puerto Escondido) are absolutely stunning. The best place to watch the sunset is from the central part of beach Zicatela or the cove of La Punta. Witness the head-on view of the dipping sun with vibrant colors that seems like a painting. For a romantic evening, you can also go for horse-riding while admiring the stunning scenery of beautiful colors.

Enjoy the local cuisine and take it easy.

Have a taste of its delicious foods and dishes. Try tlayudas, tamales, Oaxacan cheese, and delicious mole.

Get a taste of shrimp cocktail, grilled fish, and pineapple stuffed seafood. It also offers Italian cuisines like brick oven pizza, pasta, and tacos.

Watch a movie on the beach.

One of the most romantic and famous things to do in Zicatela is to watch a movie at night on the beaches. One such beach for this perfect activity is Bacocho beach. Nearby hotel Villasol arranges the movie nights. So, head to this beach and enjoy the beautiful eve with drinks and delicious foods.

Go dolphin watching

Going for dolphin watching is a must tour in Zicatela. Only a few miles from the shore, you can see hundreds of dolphins. This boat tour takes 3-4 hours, guaranteeing splendid views of dolphins and sea turtles.

These were some of the best things that you can do in Zicatela (Puerto Escondido). Go for it and enjoy it!

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