Magic Town Tapalpa

Magic Town full of Colors

Tapalpa is a magical town that is located on the southern side of the state of Jalisco. Its name comes from the Nahuatl language (an indigenous native language from Mexico), which means” place of a colorful land.” This magical town is very attractive because of its beautiful colors that can be seen & admired. These include the blue turquoise of the sky, the Esmeralda of the forest, and the red of the sand, all these things together help to make of this town a natural beauty. 

The best way to enjoy this place is by walking around; you can start by visiting the principal attraction, which is downtown where two temples are found, the old temple constructed of stones, and the new temple made of red blocks. The saint Antonio temple deserves the visit as well. 

Still, suppose you want to go for a walk the best place to do this is the Obregon path it is made of rocks and surrounded by the white house with a red roof that gives this walk a plus to your view. In that case, you can visit the man craft house, here you can find conserve of frits and have a degustation. 

Don’t forget to practice hiking and admire the beauty of the vast landscape and the typical food of the town like the goat and the conserve of grenades’. This magical town has some cultural attractions that can only be found here. To be named a Magical town in Mexico is has its benefits and a laborious work process. So take a chance and visit Tapalpa.   

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