Visit Baja California Sur

One of our favorite regions in Mexico

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez, with a first-class touristic infrastructure and an exclusive and friendly hospitality service. Baja California Sur is the place that offers paradisiacal locations, one of the favorite destinations in Mexico. Be astonished by one of Mexico’s youngest states with its desert landscapes, islands, and wildlife of the ocean. This state owns 1200 km of natural wonders, just like the gray whale sanctuary. Ojo de liebre lagoon and Los Cabos, however, it is not only about sun, sand, and beaches also own ideal places for eco-tourists interested on a sportive, recreational and adventure activities.

Definitely, Southern Baja California should be a must-go destination for you.

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Reasons to visit Baja California Sur

Golf Courts

Baja California has consolidated itself as an excellent option for Golf players. The destination offers unique sceneries and high-quality courts, especially in these destinations: Los Cabos, La Paz, and Loreto.

In Los Cabos, there are around 13 first-class courts designed by the best golf experts in the world, including the famous golf player Tiger Woods.

Sport Fishing

One of the most popular activities in Baja California Sur thanks to its beautiful scenarios and perfect climate. International tournaments take place in this destination for considerable fish diversity. This practice has grown a lot through the years; you will find all kinds of services for sport fishing. La Paz, Loreto, and Los Cabos offer these facilities. Some of the fish species that can be found in these seas are Goldfish, swordfish, jurel, and tuna fish.


Los Cabos is one of the most famous destinations for wellness tourism, where the best treatments and ingredients will purify the body & mind. In a peaceful and serene atmosphere, these beautiful beaches will contribute to your resting and relaxation.  Loreto, La Paz, and Los Cabos offer the best quality spa establishments in the country.

World’s aquarium

Enjoy snorkeling among the beautiful corals found on these reefs. The impressive quantity of sea life where you will find sea lions, giant manta ray, Hammerhead shark, and great colorful fish.

Cabo Pulmo is the protected area made famous by Jacques Cousteau when he described it as the Aquarium of the World.

Whale arrival

Each year, this spectacle appears from December to March in all Southern Baja California. Nevertheless, the most unique place to admire these animals is Guerrero Negro, Magdalena Bay, and of course, the gray whale sanctuary “El Vizcaino.” The gray whale measures 12 to 16 meters and can weigh 20 to 35 tons. Meet these giant mammals, just a few meters away from a boat, and if you are lucky, you may even touch one. The migration of this whale is considered the longest of any mammal. They travel about 16,000 miles over 6 months, from the Arctic to Baja California Sur. It’s a real miracle of nature, something you have to experience.

Festivals and International Events

La Paz Carnival

Celebrated in May, during 5 days, this festivity brings to the city fascinating music events, typical dancing shows, and literary and popular art exhibitions.

This antique celebration dated from the XIX century; was organized by wealthy families characterized by their joy and enthusiasm. Through the years, this event began to disappear, but in the ’90s, people decided to bring back this tradition. Today this carnival involves myths, legends, spectacles, and shows as well as typical gastronomy and music.

International Whale Festival

This event honors the gray whale’s arrival, usually celebrated on February 4th and 5th in Magdalena’s bay. A great variety of sports, ecotouristic, artistic, and cultural activities make this festival a complete and pleasant experience. Of course, fireworks and popular dances will appear during the whole celebration.

Los Cabos Festivals

On October Cabo San Lucas is totally prepared for partying; this festival is characterized by its joy, folklore, and colorful decorations. This local celebration offers music, fireworks, and typical gastronomy.                                                                             

Each year on March 19th, San Jose del Cabo gathers countless visitors wanting to enjoy the celebration. It starts with folkloric music followed by two weeks of parades and carnivals; allegoric cars, competitions, mechanic games, roosters fight, and expositions take place in this destination.

Los Cabos International Film Festival

This festival achieves to create a cultural exchange between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In this event, actors, producers, directors share and exchange ideas, projects, and new releases for creating a unique perspective within the three countries’ cultures.

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