Riviera Maya Mexico

There is nothing like the Riviera Maya in terms of the fantastic sights and sounds

Travelers to Mexico will find it a great deal of fun crafting their trip to Mexico, especially those planning to visit Riviera Maya. Whether communing with rare species at the Eco Parks or delving into undersea caverns to observe exotic fish. Even exploring ancient Mayan ruins, the range of stellar options is sure to impress.

There is nothing like the Yucutan peninsula in terms of the fantastic sights and sounds, culinary delights and cultural offerings for which the region is known. Whether your taste is for a naturalistic adventure or a more urbane experience, you really are the place for you. 

By investigating Riviera Maya luxury properties today, you can begin planning an ideal excursion that will leave a lasting mark on your life and set the bar very high for all of your subsequent Holidays!

Those interested in eco-tours will not be disappointed here. Riviera Maya is characterized by a distinct lack of urbanization and remains replete with beautiful locales that retain their natural wonder.

Getting to Riviera Maya

Travelers to Riviera Maya typically enter via the Cancun International Airport. The major routes for traveling on land are the Cancun to Tulum coastal highway and the road that links Tulum and Coba. Playa del Carmen is where the ferry to Cozumel island is located.

Modes of Transport

Those visiting Riviera Maya have an array of transportation options at their disposal. Public transportation forms, including van and bus services, make their way to all key sites in the region. Taxis are also generally available to take people to the popular tourist destinations.

Air Travel

Cancun International Airport is Mexico’s second-largest airport and the most trafficked airport for international visitors anywhere in Latin America. The airport boasts three distinct terminals that serve 11 million individuals annually. This airport is set approximately 50 km away from Playa del Carmen. Those interested in learning more about the airport will find no shortage of information available.

Points of Interest in Riviera Maya

Many view Cancun as the spotlight attraction on the Riviera Maya, as it features numerous luxurious hotel properties and stunningly beautiful resorts. The island of Cozumel and the beaches that typify Playa del Carmen is among the best on the Yucatan. Southern Mexican culture, history, and dining are all on full display here. There are opportunities for every type of adventure activity. Mexicofinder provides connections to a range of 5-star accommodations all along the Caribbean coast, making it easier than ever to build a cost-effective, yet impressive travel itinerary.

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