mexicofinder baja california sur todos los santos
mexicofinder baja california sur todos los santos

Todos Los Santos

A unique Colonial Town in the Pacific

Located in the Pacific Coast, Todos Los Santos is a vivid small town located 1 hour north driving from Los Cabos. It was initially established as a Mission at the beginning of the 1700s.  Today is considered one of the most beautiful Magic towns in Mexico due to its Church, Cultural Center, Historic Buildings and Homes. This small bohemian town host several Art festivals and offers an excellent Gastronomy and every year a selected group of travelers from all over the world chose one of the front beach luxury villas and unique boutique hotels to discover the area of Baja California

Indeed, there isn’t the same extensive food history in Baja Sur that you have in other parts of Mexico, but this does not mean that there isn’t any food culture. Due to its climate and location that makes this region one of the best seafood in the country, the whole peninsula has a great deal of fresh and inspired cuisine.

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