Mexicofinder Gastronomy wonders Tour
Mexicofinder Gastronomy wonders Tour

Mexican Gastronomic Wonders

An exciting Culinary and cultural journey through Mexico

Mexican Gastronomic Wonders Tour

As a well-known Mexican saying goes, “Como Mexico no hay dos” (“Like Mexico, there is no other”), traveling through Mexico is an adventure for the senses.

It’s an accumulation of unique experiences. Mexico is an adventure. It’s tradition, with authentic rituals and celebrations.

It’s excellent dining, from an upscale restaurant in Mexico City to the rustic kitchen in a small indigenous community.

Mexico is eating tacos at a local market. Mexico is meeting proud and hospitable people, with endless stories and myths.

And whatever you expect, traveling through Mexico is being surprised daily. It’s one of the most colorful and most diverse countries in the World, with unique gastronomy recognized as world heritage.

Travel through history and spectacular scenery. Discover the best of Mexico. Start your journey at the Zocalo, the heart of Mexico’s capital, one of the World’s largest and most fascinating cities. Then go from Aztecs to Maya, from semi-desert to lowland-jungle, and from colonial gems to mystical archaeological sites. Fall in love with colorful Oaxaca, follow the Mayan Route through Yucatan and finish your adventure at paradisiacal Caribbean beaches.

Throughout this unique itinerary, you will have hands-on experiences preparing and enjoying national, regional, and local dishes such as tacos, barbacoa, moles, tamales, and cochinita pibil. You will meet celebrated chefs as well as local señoras who will show you the secrets to their ancient-old culinary successes.

A Mexican Fiesta awaits. Viva Mexico!

Trip High Lights

  • Meet some of the Top Mexican chefs from different Specialties
  • Get a real taste of Oaxacan Street Food
  • Cooking Classes with local celebrated Chefs
  • Extraordinary Culture, History and Archeological ruins
  • Satay in some of the most exquisite boutique accommodation
  • Visit one of the seven new wonders of the World

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