mexico finder Zacatlan de las manzanas puebla
mexico finder Zacatlan de las manzanas puebla


Magic Town and a Culinary experience

Known for being one of Mexico’s major apple producers, and of course, cider producer. Other fruit wines are also produced, including peach, huiquiño (a local fruit), and quince. Here you’ll find locally made clocks along the streets.

The most representative clock in the town; is the elegant monumental flower clock located in the main’s plaza center. Also, there’s the Alberto Olvera Hernandez Clock museum, where a show of figures with typical clothes; sing along the most representative regional songs.

You can’t leave this town without tasting the typical artisanal baked cheese bread. Next to the city, there’s a valley called “Piedras Encimadas,” where the wind has sculpted the gigantic rocks into strange shapes.

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