mexicofinder cuetzalan puebla
mexicofinder cuetzalan puebla


Sierra Norte

Visit the Sierra Norte (northern mountain range) in Puebla and experience traditional indigenous life. This charming town is an explosion of color: Red rooftops, colorful textiles, and the traditional local costumes contrasting sharply with the cobbled streets.

There are many colonial and neo-gothic buildings, including El Jarrito church and the San Francisco parish. On Sundays, you can visit the Indian market, where you can still see how locals trade with goods instead of money.

Cuetzalan offers excellent traditional gastronomy and is surrounded by incredible natural landscapes and cultural treasures. In Apulco, for example, we will see “La Olla (The Pot)” waterfalls. Also, visit the Yohualichan pyramids built by Totonacan Indians. It is thought to be a ceremonial center, but it was abandoned until Nahuas arrived at the territory. If you like to buy handcrafts, this is a paradise for shoppers: jewelry, textiles, and handcrafts.

Spend a day enjoying breathtaking landscapes, waterfalls, and the special atmosphere of a unique magical town. You’ll be delighted by its main spectacle: the “Voladores” Dance. This show is a native ritual that symbolizes the union between humans and gods.

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