Top things to do in La Paz Baja California

Unique and off the beaten path

The City of La Paz, Mexico, is an excellent location to please every person from adrenaline addicts to sun hunters. Located on the peninsula of Baja California Sur, yet much sufficient off the beaten path to escape the crowds that typically are found in other top sun destinations.

From bucket list Ocean Safaris to once in a lifetime underwater wildlife experiences, here are the most attractive top things to do in La Paz.

Private Luxury Ocean Safari

Live a unique experience in a unique location. There are several options from La Paz Baja, California, to take an open Ocean Safari. A customized luxury experience, where you go out into the open ocean in search of Dolphins, Marlins, different types of Sharks, humpback and grey whales, rays, and sometimes if you are lucky Orcas.  Definitely once in a lifetime experience.

Whale Watching


Delight in the most exciting experience you can imagine: Each year, the grey whale comes down to the coast of lower Baja California, Mexico, looking for the warm waters and lots of food. Come as well as see these beautiful animals in their all-natural environment. This trip starts early in the morning (6:00 am) to begin our emotional adventure. Whale enjoying season: end of January till the end of March

Snorkeling in Isla Espiritu Santo

Take the opportunity to explore beautiful white sand beaches. Canyons adorned with hanging fig trees—snorkel in one of the most beautiful ocean safaris on earth: friendly sea lions and tropical fish. Loosen up on the coastline as well as enjoy the lovely Baja California sun.

La Paz walk

Get to know the most impressive part of the City. Walk from the town plaza to some points of interest such as the marina, the cathedral, the anthropology museum, the fish market, the arts and crafts factories. You will found the gastronomy in the smoking street taquerias and first-class seafood restaurants.

Kayak in Balandra Beach

Take a kayak and discover Balandra Beach. Undoubtedly will offer you the chance to appreciate the charm of the contrast between 2 different ecosystems you can just find in Baja California, the sea, and the desert. As you paddle along the Pichilingue coastline and towards Balandra Beach. After or during paddling, you can stop for snorkeling at the old lighthouse, where a small sea lions family lives. Do not miss the opportunity to spend some time at the beautiful white-sandy Balandra Beach, where local restaurants offer exquisite and fresh seafood.

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