Top Reasons to visit Puebla

Puebla one of the most vibrant cities in Mexico

Come upon Puebla’s tradition; visit its still alive pre-Hispanic cities, its impressive colonial churches, and its beautiful nature creations. Puebla is also land of seven magical towns and the stunning “Sierra Magica” displaying waterfalls, caves, mountains, and a foggy atmosphere.

Admire the beautiful landscapes Popocatepetl, and Iztaccihuatl volcanoes create for us. Be pleased by the exquisite culinary art Puebla boasts about: taste the internationally famous mole poblano. But most of all, enjoy the hospitality, friendliness, and warmth of the people of Puebla.

Religious tourism


Today, Puebla owns a considerable number of churches and convents, turning into the favorite destination for religious tourists. People from other countries go to Puebla to venerate their saints.

Admire the incredible architecture of each one of its churches, convents, and cathedrals. In Puebla City, visit the Cathedral, the San Francisco temple, Virgen Conquistadora chapel, Espiritu Santo temple, and the old convents Santa Rosa and Santa Monica.

You definitely need to visit the stunning Santa Maria Tonantzintla Temple, an indigenous baroque construction; which easily reflects the indigenous’ way of seeing their own culture.  About 40 kilometers from Puebla, Cuautinchán used to be an ancient ceremonial center, famous for its arts, especially maps.

After the Spanish conquest, the Franciscans built the convent of San Juan Bautista, built in the 16th century, nowadays a real jewel of colonial heritage in the state of Puebla. Here we will also see the remains of a mammoth. You can visit two more Franciscan convents; one of them is one of Tecali de Herrera, which is known as a center of arts and crafts.

Gastronomy of Puebla

Recognized as one of the three states in Mexico with the most vibrant gastronomy, known worldwide for its famous mole poblano and the enticing chiles en nogada, whose original recipes were created by the nuns of Santa Clara Convent. Here you will be tasting different typical dishes such as tamales, tamal torta, cemitas, chalupas, molotes, pelonas, mememlas, moles, pipian, quesadillas and to finish, traditional candies (tortita de Santa Clara, camotes, borrachitos, etc.)

Get to know the places where the ingredients are bought and transformed into incredible dishes: traditional markets, mole mills, and small conventional restaurants. Come and learn more about the culinary richness of this region!

Natural sceneries surrounding Puebla

Puebla owns beautiful settings for being in touch with nature; explore the captivating places this state has to offer.

Just take time to travel along with its “Sierra Magica” to discover exciting and enjoyable natural attractions. Only a few miles away from Cuetzalan, you will find these fascinating waterfall attractions: El Salto, Las Golondrinas, Salto de Quetzalapan, and Corazon del Bosque. Here you can find zip lines and practice abseiling. In Barbas de Carranza waterfall, you may discover incredible jungle vegetation where you’ll have the opportunity to have a picnic while enjoying unforgettable landscapes.

The most crucial waterfall in Puebla, Tuliman, is located just 30 minutes away from Zacatlan. Its fall is about 300 meters, and in this paradisiacal scenery, you will also find a spring.  Be amazed by the incredible cave La Aventura, an incredible underground world where you’ll find adventure and astonishing rock formations. Atepolihui; It is thought that in this particular cave, pre-Hispanic rituals took place. Today, this natural treasure is specially visited for adventurers looking for abseiling destinations.

Without a doubt, Karmidas is the most spectacular and visited cave in Puebla. This impressive cave has five sections, and just in the middle of them, there are located the “Enchanted Lagoon.”

In Puebla, you will also find National Parks: In the Izta-popo National Park, excellent animal diversity may be found, such as rabbit, squirrel, deer, and armadillo. Indeed, the landscapes provided by the volcanoes in this place will be unforgettable.

The forest area of La Malinche National Park shelters a sacred volcano and has a fantastic climate and pine vegetation. Here you’ll find satisfying facilities for the camping experience. Being the tallest mountain in Mexico, Pico de Orizaba creates incredible warm scenery where raccoons, rabbits, weasels, and wolfs may be found. In the winter season, you can admire the beautiful landscape with its snowy top.

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