Top reasons to visit Guadalajara Mexico

A cosmopolitan destination where modern and old merge perfectly

Why should you visit Guadalajara? It will surprise you with its modern shopping centers, nightclubs, historical downtowns, architecture, and the colonial era’s murals. 

The city with a rich history is a mixture of three cities resulting in fascinating neighborhoods, a unique atmosphere, and distinct charms. With its modern shopping malls and nightclubs, escape the busy city life and relax.  

Here are the top reasons you should visit this beautiful, colorful, vibrant, and historic place.

Why you should visit Guadalajara

Museum and art galleries

One of the best reasons to visit Guadalajara is its museums and art galleries. Explore the Mexican art at The Museo de las Artes, Museo de Arte de Zapopan, and Museo Pantaleón Panduro. These showcase the incredible history and ancient artifacts with amazing paintings and a collection of impressive folk art. Whether you like modern art or historical artifacts, this place got you covered.

Guadalajara Cathedral – the Jewel in the City

Guadalajara, the majestic church, has a blend of several architectural styles that gives it a unique character. Also known as the Metropolitan Cathedral and walking in this cathedral is like taking a big step back in time. Altars made of marble and silver, decorated by some finest artists and beautiful stained-glass windows, increase its beauty. One of the main attractions is the crypt of the archbishops. The choirs under the main altar take back to the 16th century. So, slow your pace and enjoy the beautiful culture and history of Guadalajara. 

Guadalajara has some of the best food in Mexico

Guadalajara is a perfect place for dining with exceptional street food, regional cuisines, and delicious dishes. Some of its famous cosines are extravagant torta ahogada, the unmissable birria, and crispy lonches. Enjoy a luxury dinner with a Norwegian furniture style at Birria Guadalajara Lydia_CareyAlcalde. 

The Colonial Architecture

Guadalajara’s colonial architecture is very admirable and breathtaking. Explore the narrow streets while admiring architectural landscapes, Guadalajara Cathedral and the Palacio Municipal de Guadalajara. Another example of its majestic architecture is the main chapel. Admiring courtyards with long, arched, shady passageways is worth the reason to visit this city. 

Walk, Eat, Shop, Repeat

Enjoy the best time of your life, walk, eat, shop, and repeat. Have a taste of the traditional street market in the Tonala area. Try street food, visit The Tianguis Cultura and the Mercado San Juan de Dios, and watch people. Moreover, you can have a walk around the shops and buy souvenirs, shoes, and clothes. 

It gets into Your Soul.

You will find the people warm and friendly. Spend a lot of time in this magical city, experience a joyous vibe, and relax for some time. 

Neighborhoods of Guadalajara

The neighborhoods of Guadalajara are a piece of art themselves. The streets of Chapultepec Sur and Hidalgo y Costilla up to Federalismo shows signs of artsy gentrification. Tattoo parlors, skate shops, craft beer bars, upscale modern Mexican cuisine are all over these neighborhoods. 

These were the best reasons to visit Guadalajara. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the ticket and hit it. 

Municipal de Guadalajara. Another example of its majestic architecture is the main chapel. Admiring courtyards with long, arched, shady passageways is worth the reason to visit this city.

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