Mexican Capital of the Fine Pottery

The City of San Pedro Tlaquepaque, a destination located in Jalisco, this place is one of the most populated in the state and also in the country being the 29th in raking with more people. It is part of the metropolitan zone of Guadalajara, along with 7 other communities. 

Tlaquepaque is also considered the second largest area in the urban zone. 

The community is more focused on the touristic craft of pottery. This city counts with great hotels, high-quality restaurants with the best traditional food, and bars that create a great atmosphere of a Mexican lifestyle with the mariachis found outside in the kiosk of Tlaquepaque.

Also, don’t miss out on the best exposition of cow meat! This particular event happens once a year in Jalisco. Allowing you to get to know the difference between each one of them also is important to understand that this event is the biggest of its category in the country. Here the best quality of the product is exposed.

Here you will find the most representative Mexican products. You will admire the artisans at work when you visit the shops located inside beautiful colonial mansions. In the old days, Tlaquepaque was a place where the elite of the city had their weekend and summer homes, these homes are now lovely shops. Keep in mind that if you are an art and craft lover, don’t forget to visit Tlaquepaque.

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