Top 5 attractions in Guadalajara Mexico

Guadalajara is a Mexican destination like no other.

Guadalajara is a Mexican destination like no other.

 Is the capital of the state of Jalisco. It enjoys a mild subtropical climate and is best known for its mariachi music, amazing traditional food, and fiery tequila. Guadalajara is a place with big-city feels and small-town charms with unique sights. 

Here are some fantastic destinations to visit in Guadalajara during your stay:

Hospicio Cabañas

The world heritage listed Instituto Cultural Cabanas is a splendid neo-classical building with graceful architecture. Its design is similar to the buildings in Paris and Madrid. Its main highlight is its frescoes painted by José Clemente Orozco. In fact, it is considered one of his finest works. Its beautiful paintings like The Man of the Fire adorns and compliments the ceiling and walls. 

Guadalajara Cathedral

The beautiful cathedral stands with its facades in front of the Plaza de Los Laureles and two iconic towers in the center of the city. This cathedral is a result of the blend of different architectural styles having neo-gothic towers and Spanish renaissance buildings. Its highlights include chapels complemented by paintings of some finest artists like Cristóbal de Villalpando, Miguel Cabrera, and Murillo. 

Parque Agua Azul & Bosque Colomos

The worth visiting places of Guadalajara are its theme parks, Parque Agua Azul & Bosque Colomos. Parque Agua Azul is also known as Blue Water Park, It is the most popular and beautiful one occupied by beautiful gardens and trees. Its highlights are Tropical Orchid House, Butterfly House, and an aviary. Bosque Colomos is densely wooded and has meandering waterways where ducks glide. Its attractions are a Japanese garden, a cultural center, bridges, a small dam, and trails. In its center are many art-related workshops of folk dancing, drawing, and sculptures. Flee to this beautiful lush green park for a break from busy city life. 

Zoo of Guadalajara

Guadalajara Zoo is the largest and the most famous zoos in Latin America. The collection of animals includes rare white lions, Bengal tigers, black panthers, gorillas and orangutans, and several other native Mexican species. The zoo also has an aquarium and herpetarium. Take a safari truck and go on a trip all around the zoo while seeing animals in the open. Take a chairlift to have a bird-eye view of flora and fauna of this zoo. 

Mercado San Juan de Dios

This sprawling market, also is known as the Mercado Libertad, is the world’s largest indoor market. It has a handful of stall hawks that offer everything from good food and clothes to Paracho guitars and leather products. Stall through the market and have a taste of some good local food. They sell everything you can like, like shoes, DVDs, eyeglasses, homewares, electrical and clothing. Tourists flock to this market for interesting art stuff. Go a little up. You will find the restaurants and food stalls and taste one of its legendary torta ahogada (drowned sandwich). 

These were the top five captivating and unusual destinations or attractions in Guadalajara that are a must-visit. So, are you inspired to visit Guadalajara now? Fly here for your next trip. 

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