Costa Alegre

The sunset views here are incredible

Costa Alegre is Mexico’s top fantastic seaside location that links exotic forests with a collection of unique and special accommodations and also cliff-lined coves.

Excellent beaches, a lot of them soaked in blessed exclusivity surrounded by small and exciting towns. The sunset views here are incredible; it feels like you can reach up and get hold of the stars.

The state of Jalisco is an example of good traditions and culture. Besides having important metrópolis and magical towns, it also offers you beautiful beaches and one of the most relevant, which is the touristic path of Costa Alegre.

If you are looking for a beautiful and exclusive place for beach holidays, Costa Alegre is what you are looking for, so do not expect crowded bars or large chain hotels to find paradise.

Costa Alegre is sometimes called Costa Bella. It is a route that crosses the Bahia coasts of Navidad, Bahia of Tenacatita, Careyes coast, and the Majahuas and Cabo waterscapes. And it has now become the favorite destination for tourists looking to commune with nature without sacrificing comfort. With cliffs facing the ocean, exclusive eco-hotels, and golf courses surrounded by tropical vegetation, Costalegre is the perfect place for those who wish to combine nature and privacy.

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