mexicofinder tequila agave guanajuato
mexicofinder tequila agave guanajuato

Tequila From Guanajuato

Hundreds of agaves cover the Tequila path in Guanajuato

The Southeast of the state of Guanajuato is a magical region, offering unique experiences of colors and pre-Hispanic images with a touch of the agave from Guanajuato, converted into Tequila, a typical Mexican drink meaning “the elixir of the gods.” 

During an interactive journey, you can enjoy all the senses of the fertile ground and its traditions, visiting essential tequila cellars, which are forming part of the Circuit of Tequila. You can admire the majestic plantations of the blue agave along this route and get to know the old haciendas. These typical Mexican ranches are protecting the culture of the people devoted to the production of Tequila. 

Once in Guanajuato start in the municipality of Penjamo, the traditional community of Corralejo, in the ranch El Coyote, a fascinating place guarded by a mountain called the sleeping lizard (“Lagarto Dormido”), where you can taste the early stages of exquisite Tequila. 

In the Tequilera Corralejo facility, a traditional tequila tavern famous for its bottled “Azulado,” a special kind of Tequila, you will learn about the cultivation, harvest, baking, grinding, fermentation, aging and tasting of this delicate alcoholic beverage, which at the same time known as a symbol of national identity. 

Enjoy the tequila tasting and time to watch the “Jima” process, where the agave is getting cut on the field, and, of course, to delight the food prepared by the traditional cooks of Corralejo.

Following the route, on the way to Penjamo, you will come across the “Bodegón de la Dolce Vita,” a building constructed to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Tequilera Corralejo. 

Crossing beautiful places surrounded by hills, you will arrive in Penjamo, a fruitful city in the region of the “Bajío” in North-central Mexican and famous for its Tequila. 

Later on, you will pass by the town of Cueramaro. The agaves picture a different landscape composed of colors like ocher and dark green, filling the view with freshness and vitality of its fields. 

Continue Driving on the highway No. 90 direction Cueramaro; next stop will be Magallanes. A picturesque village adorned with beautiful houses made of stones, where you can learn about planting, harvesting, and elaborating the distilled beverage at “Tres Joyas” distillery, which has preserved the antique technique of production for over 200 years. Worth to visit. 

Direction to the Archaeological site of Plazuelas, you will pass by the Tequilera “Real de Penjamo,” where tradition and modernity come together. In this place, you can participate actively in the production of Tequila through the newest process, which endues an exquisite aroma and a delicious taste. After this experience, we will invite you to a balloon flight or horse ride to explore the agave fields and relish the delightful local cuisine. 

Without a doubt, this is an unforgettable experience which you will surely love.

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