Teotitlan del Valle

Oaxaca Cultural and Artistical Destination

Dated from 1465, it is thought that had been the first Zapotec city foundation.

Teotitlan: means Gods’ Place. A village that will take you directly to Pre Hispanic age: Unique for maintaining traditions and customs through time. 

Known for its amazing handmade craft market, where artisans make demonstrations about their techniques and products in their workshops. Its most crucial craft are multicolored woolen blankets, bags, carpets, and curtains, naturally dyed, among other beautiful artworks. 

The ink used for coloring these wool materials is extracted from different natural elements. For example, the blue color is obtained from Indigo plants; the yellow color is removed from Pomegranate’s peel, brown color from nutshells, and the red glow from cochineal seed.

Each year, they celebrate dancing festivities on the first Wednesday of July.

Men dressed with plumes dance all along with the town, making its representative Feather Dance joined by women dressed in traditional costumes carrying a basket of flowers and a saint image. 

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