Ciudad del Carmen and Laguna de Términos

The Pearl of the Gulf of Mexico

Ciudad del Carmen, located on the Mexican Gulf Coast on an island (Isla del Carmen) in the Laguna de Términos, is one of Mexico’s most important port cities. “The Pearl of the Gulf” was a little city primarily devoted to angling until the 1970s when oil was uncovered in the region; ever since it has expanded and developed significantly. The town can long be reached only by ferry boats called “pangas”; this altered with the building and construction of an embankment bridge to the landmass in the 1980s and another one in 1994.

The bridge Puente El Zacatal is just one of the lengthiest in Latin America. Discover the old town to see the Community Palace, the Zaragoza Park, the former Victoriano Nieves health center that houses the City Museum, and the Parish of Our Girl of Carmen, constructed in the 18th century. Travel off the beaten track. You will discover the areas of Jesus and Del Guanal, the earliest on the island, to experience the initial inhabitants’ initial design.

If you love good fish and seafood, this is the right place for you. Culinary highlights include dogfish bread, breaded shrimp in a garlic sauce, and fried juicy fish. Combine your visit to Ciudad del Carmen with a boat tour to explore the Términos Lagoon. Considered one of the region’s most affluent natural areas, Términos Lagoon covers more than 1.7 million acres of swamps and mangroves. Once upon a time, it was a pirate shelter. Still, it now is a beautiful sanctuary where you can spot dolphins, whales, turtles, crocodiles, manatees, and various bird species.

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