Visit the State of Jalisco

One of the Regions you will like to explore in Mexico

The state of Jalisco is a real patriotic & traditional place that represents the beautiful culture of Mexico. The people in Jalisco consider themselves as double Mexicans. This is because they think that they were lucky to be born in such a beautiful land (México). 

But is not only that, being from Jalisco is like having a plus of a Mexican due to the culture and traditions that are so ¨tapati@s¨ and very representative for the country, and let’s not forget the tequila, charros, mariachis, and the famous mustaches that is very symbolic.

Jalisco is a destination that no one should miss if you want to have real experience or a true example of what it’s like to be a Mexican and how to celebrate a real traditional party. 

Why Jalisco? This place has everything from beaches, monuments, culture, traditions, carnivals, and great & fertile land. Being the capital of the good tequila and also considerate a Mexican heritage treasure. 

Let’s not forget about the ¨charreadas¨ traditional celebrations, where brave man and woman risk their lives in the arena full of an audience where they are the protagonist between bulls and horses to show their pride of a real Mexican traditional charro. 

¨Jalisco No Te Rajes¨ an expression that defines their feelings on how braves they are to show that they are proud to do whatever it takes to overcome anything but putting their culture first!

Reasons to visit Jalisco

  1. Jalisco is like the capital of Jaripeos and charreadas, which are traditional Mexican activities, where bulls, horses, and the best cowboys are involved in showing how brave they are and to prove that they are real Mexican man.
  2. We also know Jalisco for its beautiful woman. However, there is much more about this land. It offers you a great atmosphere such as Puerto Vallarta, a beautiful city surrounded by the pacific ocean, sharing some of the most amazing beaches in Mexico.
  3. Jalisco has become famous and popular for its great tequila and the agave’s distilleries that make this state an attractive destination.
  4. Another important reason is the ferry of tequila express, which takes you around the agave cultivation fields to show the beautiful big landscape full of agave, which will soon process to make tequila.
  5. The Mariachi is also another point that we have to give to Jalisco. This traditional and typical music represents Mexico worldwide; it is native from 
  6. Jalisco. The mariachis are more recognized by their style of dressing, mustache, and big sombrero of charro (Mexican Hat).

Festivals and Cultural Events

The celebrations in Jalisco are one of the most colorful and traditional in the country because they offer you classical mariachi music, folkloric dancers, traditional Mexican drink (Tequila), rodeos, etc.., Some of the famous festivities are; 

  1. The Tequila national fair starts from the 30 of November to the 12 of December. This fair is celebrated annually. It’s the event where the traditional and native tequila is exposed, folklore and regional music are part of the event.
  2. Carnival Jalostotitlan is celebrated in February with days to change within 15 days. This fair has all in it, for example, a parade, parties, music, folklore, tequila and other drinks, Mariachi, gastronomy degustation, Charreadas, horses race, and traditional craft to buy.
  3. April Fair Tepatitlan de Morelos takes place on the 22 of April to the 30. It is one of the traditional fairs celebrated each year to bring out their culture and costumes. 
  4. October festival Guadalajara a fantastic celebration that takes place in October. During this month many events take place, each year the secretary gets together to create the game that offers you a fair full of joy and decorated cars passing by the road, however, you can also enjoy of the music performance by famous artist that are invited all from different categories such as pop, rock, regional Mexican music. The primary purpose is to get diverse cultures mix together and share the traditions.
  5. Festivals of San Pedro Tlaquepaque is celebrated from 14 to the 30 of June, this event offered to the saint of the city brings out the cultural and traditional activities such as the local beauty pageant, fireworks and the jaripeo or rodeo which is the show that a raider and a bull give to the audience. 
  6. Romeria to the virgin of Zapopan is celebrated on the 12 of October. This celebration, in particular, is in honor of the Virgin of Zapopan. This tradition is celebrated year by year, starting with peregrination early in the morning at Guadalajara’s church to end in the Basilica of Zapopan.
  7. Festival Puerto Vallarta it’s celebrated on the 15 of May to the 31. It’s an opportunity for you to visit the most Mexican beach in Puerto Vallarta. You will enjoy the music performance of great musicians and different events, expositions, crafts, and much more.
  8. Fair Zapotlan el Grande traditional festival celebrated for religious reasons from the 13 to the 23 of October. This fair has an annual traditional and colorful parade where the beauty queens are one of the main attractions.
  9. The International encounter of Mariachi in Guadalajara is celebrated in the first week of September. This festival started in 1994 to promote the tradition of the Mariachi, with the best musicians representing the genre, this event where famous artist show up is celebrated in Guadalajara each year. 

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