One of the most important ceremonial centers of the Mayan World

Uxmal is a spectacular area is located south of Merida. We recommend one hundred percent to visit on your holiday in Mexico. 

This archaeological zone is located 90 kilometers south of Merida. The road is enjoyable because it is perfect; you can get there quickly and without complications from Cancun or Valladolid. We recommend that you schedule a full day to visit Uxmal. It has many attractions for history and hiking lovers. 

What to see in Uxmal?

We recommend that you follow this order of visit as it is a kind of circuit that will allow you to see all the attractions and enjoy a pleasant stay:

  1. Pyramid of the Soothsayer: It is a pyramid of 35 meters high and is the most essential structure of this archaeological zone. This pyramid has a particularity. It was built under an oval base, so it gives two important faces to the pyramid. In one of them, you will be able to appreciate its wonderful decoration. It is a visit that you will not be able to miss
  2. Nun’s Quadrangle: It is a place built in 120 meters and has some fascinating buildings with different decorations and small rooms. It is a site that has a spectacular decoration, there you can see snakes, monkeys, and human figures. 
  3. Ball game: We have all heard about the ball game, and here you can see the majestic court where the Mayans practiced this sport. You can learn a little more about what it was and why it was the most important sport at the time. You will love this visit.
  4. House of the turtles: It is a temple that you will love. You will see throughout the temple decorations with carved stone figures of turtle shells if you look more closely. It is a place worth visiting. 
  5. Great Pyramid: This spectacular pyramid is 30 meters high. Most of the tourists climb to the top through the steps of this steep pyramid. It is an attraction that offers fantastic views and is worth climbing to the top.
  6. La Picota worship center and jaguar throne: It is a place with two fascinating sculptures, a phallic sculpture. The other is a sculpture of two jaguars that are united by their trunk. This place evokes the majesty of the Mayan sculptures. You will love it.

These are some of the attractions of Uxmal’s archaeological zone. You will love its structures. You will be able to enjoy the perfect day visiting the most important historical places of the Mayas. 

This is a place where you will visit important monuments. You will meet groups of people who are also in the same plan. They are lovers of history and nature. These two aspects are perfectly combined in this archaeological zone. We hope you enjoy these attractions during your vacation. We assure you that you will love them. The best option is to acquire a plan where there will be guides to take you through each of the attractions. You will be able to know the whole archaeological zone without any complications. 

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