San Juan de los Lagos

An excellent place for the Faithfu

San Juan de Los Lagos is located in the northwest of Jalisco and is considered one of the most attractive places in the region. San Juan de Los Lagos is more known for its traditions and more important for its religious beliefs. This is a fabulous place offers to its visitors’ many sacred temples that are worth the visit, for examples the one in honor of the niño de Mezquitic (the kid of Mezquitic), the temple of san Pablo Esqueda, the papal explanation, the church of San Juan Bautista, the temple of the Calvary, municipal presidential, the cihuapilli museum, and the culture house. 

Another important event that takes place and is very representative is the annual celebration day of the regional virgin of San Juan de Los Lagos, which is venerated in town year by year. The people who are faithful and always hoping for miracles and praying that this virgin will help them with their problems. 

According to the native and loyal believers, it is impressive how this virgin listens to them. How she responds to their favors keeps the tradition and faith by walking miles and miles to visit her each year. The downtown cathedral is obviously one of the best attractions; build with 3 different types of stones, according to history, the temple was build in 1732. 

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