Puebla City of Angels

Puebla City of Angels the coolest city of Mexico

Mexico’s fourth-largest city, passing the photogenic, snow-capped volcanoes of Popocatepetl (Smoking Mountain, 5464m) and Iztaccíhuatl (Sleeping Lady, 5230m). Also known as the “City of Angels” and the place where “mole poblano” and “chiles en nogada” were born. Puebla is a must-go destination in Mexico. Walk around the beautiful historic center of the city, listed as World Heritage.

Definitely, you need to visit the famous Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral, and the breathtaking “Capilla del Rosario” in the Santo Domingo Church. Take time to visit the “Barrio del Artista”; a cobblestone street where the best “poblanos” artisans exhibit their works and await its sale. Watching on the street artisans painting and creating their own artworks became part of this representative scenery.

You’ll be entirely fascinated by Puebla’s handmade crafts and go visit the Parian market. Try out various activities while you enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Flor del Bosque Park. Both children and adults can fly through the air on the zip line, and there are also play areas for children. In Casa de la Tierra, you will learn about planetary phenomena.

Another exciting shopping stop is Los Sapos alley, where all kinds of antique objects and collectors’ relics can be bought. In this place, you definitely need to stopover a local “cantina” and taste Puebla’s unique and exquisite Pasta liquor. You will not regret it!

The local candy market is worth the visit, buy typical candy such as “borrachitos” and “camotes”. Puebla is a city of tradition; it has still developed new areas, the commercial center also called Angelopolis, where you can find the most exclusive designer shops.
The interactive Imagina museum where kids will have a fun experience, the planetarium, and the newest Puebla attraction; “Star of Puebla.” This attraction is the biggest wheel of fortune in Latin America. It has been recently constructed for a touristic corridor Puebla is developing.

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