mexicofinder ek balam yucatan
mexicofinder ek balam yucatan

Ek Balam is an ancient Mayan city located in Yucatan. You will find several historical buildings where you can remember everything about the Mayans. Ek Balam means Black Jaguar. All commercial exchanges were carried out from that place, and many paths were created for other areas of interest. 

Visit Ek Balam, discovered that even though they are not the most prominent Mayan ruins, there is a lot to see. If you are in Valladolid, it is a place worth visiting, here you will find history, and you will learn a little more about what the Mayan culture was alike. You will enjoy their attractions and learn about the artistic wonders they created within their walls.

To arrive at Ek Balam is very simple. You can reach by car through Valladolid. The trip takes approximately half an hour. When you arrive at Ek Balam, you can hire the services of a guide to take you through the ruins, or you can visit them on your own. 

What to visit in Ek Balam?

  1. Walls: The walls are the first thing that you will find in this place. It is the rest of the two walls that delimited the sacred enclosure of this crucial historical zone.
  2. Entrance arch: This type of arch is the only one that has been found in the ruins. This monument is an entrance to the sanctuary. Through this arch, you can access with a ramp to the sacred enclosure.
  3. The ball game court: In many Mayan ruins, we have seen the ball game. This important sport for the Mayans was developed in many places. There you will be able to appreciate the court where the sport was practiced. 
  4. The Acropolis: This is one of Yucatan’s most prominent buildings, and it was essential because there resided the Mayan governors. It is a building of 6 levels of 29 meters high. You will find the tomb of an important Mayan chief. You will be able to visualize the tomb’s door with allusive decorations to a jaguar and spectacular ornaments of Mayan warriors. In the acropolis, you will find all the wealth of this millenary town. You can also find all kinds of offerings to the gods. 
  5. The twin pyramids: Although they are not very big constructions, they are beautiful structures that you can visit, and that is surrounded by a beautiful landscape
  6. The oval palace: It is the second-largest construction of these ruins; there, you can visit beautiful landscapes with spectacular views

Ek Balam is a place that you cannot miss if you are a lover of history and nature. Suppose you want to know a little more about the Mayan culture. In that case, Ek Balam is an excellent option. You can visit it, taking advantage of your stay in Valladolid. You will love to know that it is a place where you can learn about the history and appreciate the Mayan culture’s art. Especially in these ruins, you will see the stone carvings and the tomb of the leader that is decorated in a wonderful way.       

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