mexicofinder 7 places to visit campeche
mexicofinder 7 places to visit campeche

7 Places to visit in Campeche

Campeche is the perfect combination of nature, culture, and history

Campeche is the perfect combination of nature, culture, and history. Visit Campeche, the only place in the world named both natural and cultural world heritage by UNESCO!. The archeological sites will take you back to the times when Mayans were the most influential culture. The area’s richness and importance can be seen through the forts, the bulwarks, and manorial Haciendas. Here everything merges with modernity and the glorious past of Campeche. These are 7 places you simply cannot miss when you visit this hidden treasure:


It is the oldest building in the City; first, it was a small chapel built-in 1540. It has been modified over the centuries until 1850 when the construction finished. The architecture and the interior are well preserved.

It is considered the point of the star of all the tours around Campeche city!


mexicofinder calakmul campeche

This place is more than just an archeological site; it is also a Natural Reserve, the second place named World Heritage by UNESCO. It encloses a vast number of endemic animals and plants, including jaguars and anteaters. It is a unique encounter with nature and majesty!


mexicofinder edzna royal palace campeche

This fantastic archeological site is also known as “Casa de Los Itzaes,” even one of the most beautiful areas. It offers a light and sound show every weekend at night that will take you back to the Mayan world! 


mexicofinder san miguel fort campeche

Here you can see why Campeche is the only City with walls and numerous forts. The City was the target of pirates due to its strategic geographic situation and its richness.


mexicofinder puerta de tierra campeche

It is the oldest door, and it was the only access to the City back in the 1700s. Nowadays, it offers a light and sound show that recreates the battles between locals and corsairs.


mexicofinder tukul house handcraft campeche

TuKulna means “house of thoughts/ideas,” which is the ideal place to find the crafts that make Campeche unique and famous, like hammocks, tipi hats, huipiles (dresses) many others.


The meaning in Mayan is “Water that springs from the earth” this breathtaking place is situated inside of the Bastion of Santiago. Here you can contemplate the magnificent ceibas, the trees of the Mayans.

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