mexicofinder merida white city
mexicofinder merida white city

Merida the white City

The main hub of the Yucatan peninsula

Merida is a beautiful place to which they say: The white city is a spectacular place where you can find many attractions of your interest. There you can walk through its colonial streets and enjoy the richness of its infrastructure.

We suggest that you take the time to visit the city so that you can appreciate the richness of its architecture and beautiful buildings. It is an important place for being the capital of Yucatan where all its history and wonders are compiled:

Important activities we suggest you do to get to know the city of Merida.

  1. Take a tour on Montejo street, which has an extension of 5 kilometers. You can see all the places of interest in Merida.
  2. You can take a ride in a Calandria, a horse-drawn carriage, which will be a spectacular experience because you will go through all the streets of Merida and enjoy its beautiful views and splendid architecture.
  3. The Monument to the Fatherland is a place that you should know. There you can remember the history of many heroes of the fatherland and the history of the city.
  4. The Ildefonso Cathedral is a place we recommend you visit at night. Recently, a light system was installed that offers an unparalleled night show.
  5. The “tours of legends” is an activity that every day attracts more followers. It is an activity for all ages in which some historians guide their audience through Merida’s streets, telling and interpreting the best stories of the city.
  6. You can buy hats and other typical Yucatan; you will find different markets that give you the best offer in clothing and crafts.
  7. If you travel for 45 minutes, you will discover Celestun. This is an important forest reserve where you will get to know the flamingos closely and enjoy an afternoon surrounded by nature.
  8. The cenotes of Cuzamá will enchant you, they are very close located to Mérida, and there you will be able to enjoy an afternoon of relaxation in its crystalline waters.

Merida is a city that attracts many visitors. It is where you can find the Mexican culture as it is, appreciate its architecture, history, attractions, monuments, constructions, and all the activities it has to offer. 

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