Puerto Escondido

Excellent spot for surfing and a bohemian environment.

Puerto Escondido is a destination chosen for its beautiful landscapes, discovering beaches like Ventanilla, Mazunte, Zipolite, or Zicatela, a great surf spot. Take a walk at the Adoquín to shop some of the most exquisite Mexican handicrafts from the region and stop by the Manialtepec lagoon to observe the region’s fauna and flora.

If you are looking for a place where aquatic sports and stunning beaches are the main attraction Puerto Escondido is the perfect spot. Snorkeling, sport fishing, and surfing are practiced, this beach is the ideal destination for you. Enjoy this beautiful beach under an enchanting Mexican rustic and bohemian environment.

Surrounded by gigantic rock formations, this port offers kayaks and boats for admiring all kinds of bird species that come around the beach. When visiting Puerto Escondido, don’t forget to have fun over the famous “Adoquin” street. Nightlife is never over since this street turns into a walkable one for tourists’ pleasure.

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