Photo from Michoacán government


Second most important City in Michoacan

Uruapan, in the Western part of the state, is the second most important city of Michoacan. We have several explanations of the meaning of Uruapan. Some say it means “where the trees always give fruit.”

And as its name suggests, Uruapan is one of the most productive agricultural centers of the region and is known as the “World Capital of Avocados.” The annual avocado festival underlines this title. But it’s more than just avocados. A long and exciting history and its pleasant colonial center remind us of these times. But probably Uruapan’s most exciting attractions can be found in its nature. Even within the city. Near the city center, you can visit an impressive urban park called Parque Nacional Barranca del Cupatitzio (also called Parque Nacional Eduardo Ruiz), full of tropical vegetation and waterfalls, pools, a river, and lots of birds. 

Outside Uruapan, there are also plenty of places to visit for those who are into adventure activities. Just about 10 kilometers south of Uruapan, you can find the Tzaráracua Waterfalls, surrounded by beautiful nature, an excellent hiking place. For those interested in archaeology, you can visit ruins just outside the village of Tingambato, about 30 kilometers from Uruapan. The region also produces a whole lot of crafts. 

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