Top Reasons to visit Guanajuato

One of the most attractive states in Mexico

Brightly colored houses, hilly and crooked streets, and a massive monument of the city’s local hero “El Pípila” located at the very top of the town’s highest mountain-this are Guanajuato. Along with San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato is among the most popular tourist destinations in Central Mexico. Among its main attractions is the spacious marketplace with a diversified range of food and handcraft, the “Mummies Museum” and its colonial churches.

Top Reasons to visit Guanajuato

  • One of the most critical settings of Mexican history, events of one of the most essential and representative movements, left an incredible scenario full of museums, theatres, monuments, and markets.
  • Popular as a gastronomic destination for its typical delicious candies such as strawberries from Irapuato, Cajeta from Celaya, and artisanal sorbet from Dolores Hidalgo.
  • Its annual International Arts Festival Cervantino, in honor of Miguel Cervantes Saavedra, author of Don Quijote de la Mancha, has become an opened space for cultural exchange.

Best places to visit

Mineral de Pozos Pueblo Magico

During the XIX century, as its name says, this place was an important mining center that provided the gold, silver, copper, lead, among others. Through the years, it became inhabited until it was known as a ghost town: Legends, ruins, mines combined with desert environment and modern developments such as art galleries, restaurants, stores, and boutique hotels make this old town an unimaginable destination.


Little colonial village decorated by its calmed river, wood parks and plazas, big colonial “casonas” and churches. While visiting this town, don’t forget to stopover the remarkable Capuchinas‘ convent-fortress dated from the 18th century.

Salvatierra has its characteristic handmade crafts: embroidered tablecloth and napkins.


This Pueblo Magico takes part in Mexico’s religious route thanks to its beautiful churches and convents.

Yuriria is a native word that means “Blood Lake,” making reference to an extinct crater that made its lagoon water turn into red color where extraordinary religious constructions dated from XVI and XVIII centuries especially Saint Agustin’s old convent. This impressive construction looks like a medieval fortress on the lagoon’s edge, creating an incredible photographic frame.

Cubilete Hill

Cubilete hill is known as the geographical center of Mexico. It is also one of the most visited catholic sanctuaries in the country, especially on November 21, the day of the celebration of Cristo Rey (Christ the King). Once arrived at the top of the hill, the view will be spectacular; perfect for tourist looking for unforgettable views.

It is famous for the bronze statue of Christ. Besides, the Cubilete hill is a symbol of peace after the Guerra Cristera. The figure of Cristo Rey was erected in 1944, just after this bitter episode of Mexican history.


Irapuato’s main activity is strawberry harvest, you will find loads of candies made with this fruit. These delicious bites deserve your attention to your visit to this delightful town.

Don’t forget to visit its gardens,  plazas, and markets that will take you to colonial times. At sunset, dancing fountains create a fascinating spectacle where lights and music lead the way.


Located in Guanajuato’s south-eastern; this Mexican’s revolution battle setting is also called “Bajio’s golden gate,”  thanks to its last year’s development. Today, it has turned into an industrial and mercantile city without dismissing its touristic points.

In Celaya, you can go walk over Downtown and visit its Cathedral. Enjoy tasting its delicious traditional candies, including its famous Cajeta(classic milky caramel).

On the night, dare you to explore the spooky experience of visiting Celaya’s own mummy museum and cemetery on an incredible night tour discovering thrilling stories and legends.

Festivals and International Events


Music, dance, and theatre works from all around the world are presented for two weeks in October. This festival was born as a tribute to Miguel de Cervantes made by university students. Over time, it has grown to become one of the most famous art festivals.


Through the years, this joyful tradition made a romantic and magical environment, which has become an attractive touristic activity. Have a walk through Guanajuato’s beautiful streets and alleys participating along with the famous “Estudiantes” singing representative serenade songs.

Balloon Festival

Performed in Leon City, definitely one of the most beautiful and spectacular events in Mexico and Latin America; more than 200 colorful aerostatic balloons for 4 days are shown on this incredible event: Gastronomy, music, games, and camping makes this festival one of the favorites.

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