Make your own bottle of Tequila

Tequila, Mexico


In the area around the town of Tequila, in the state of Jalisco, greenish blue fields of agave stretch out as far as you can see. Since decades, the national spirit of Mexican Tequila is produced here. However, any drinks from the agave plant that were not distilled there are not officially Tequila.

At one of the oldest and biggest Tequila distilleries here you can feel like an authentic tequila master blender. At first, you will start by cutting the Agave plant – the first step for a successful tequila distillation. Afterwards, ferment and distill your plant to create your own liquor. Then, you will learn to combine aromas and flavors in order to take home the your very own tequila in a bottle.

After your creation of Tequila, join us for a visit to the magical town that gave the beverage its name. Ancient haciendas and distilleries still make the delicious Mexican emblem drink here. Tour the narrow streets, learn about the town’s legends and have fun in one of the countless bars and tasting spots of the town.

Upon your return to the Distillery, discover what smells and tastes hide in every drink of tequila with an expert-led tequila tasting at the end of your journey.


  • Round-trip transportation from Guadalajara
  • Process of Tequila making: cutting the agave, fermenting and destilling the agave, creation of your own Tequila
  • Bottle of own Tequila to take home (375ml)
  • Guided visit to the town of Tequila
  • Lunch
  • Tequila tasting
  • bilingual guide (English-Spanish)
  • Taxes


Tequila tasting is only for adults (18+)


  1. How will I be involved in the Tequila making process?

You have the chance to participate in every step of the way. It starts with cutting the agave plant by yourself and then helping in the fermenting and distillation process. In the end you will have create your very own tequila that you can take home as a souvenir.

  1. I cannot drink alcohol – can I still go on the trip and learn about Tequila?

You can definitely join the tour and learn about Tequila. You will have an insight into the whole production process. Let our staff know beforehand so you do not face any uncertainties once you are there.

  1. What amount of money do you recommend to bring?

Food and Souvenirs are not part of this tour. You might want to bring some extra cash in order to takr some of the tequila home with you or to get some lunch.

  1. How will the transportation be like?

You will be picked up at your hotel in Guadalajara. The size of your vehicle depends on your group size. Luckily, all our vehicles have an A/C and an experienced driver that will bring you safely to the Distillery.

  1. Do I need to participate in all activities?

Unless all persons in your tour agree to avoid any activity you need to participate in all of them. This only makes sure you can enjoy the whole tequila making process from start to finish.

  1. What is included? What is not included?

This tour includes Transportation from Guadalajara to the Distillery and back. Moreover, you will take part in cutting, fermenting and distilling the agave. Besides, it includes creating your own tequila and taking your sample home with you in a bottle. Still, the tequila tasting in the end is part of the tour. Food, Souvenirs, Tips and other personal expenses have to be paid extra.

  1. How many people are on a tour?

Our tour starts with 2 people and will be at the maximum 20 people. This is how we can ensure you can fully take part in in all activities.

  1. Is there some food included in this tour?

Lunch is provided on this tour as well as the tequila tasting of 3 blends.

  1. When is the best time to take this tour?

You can take this tour year round. The weather in Mexico is really nice to take trips like that year round.

  1. Are there any student or senior discounts?

Our prices are the same for everyone – there is no student or senior discount.  

  1. Can I give this as a present to a friend?

Of course – there is nothing better than giving your friend a unique memory. At the time of the purchase we only need the data of the person that will receive the present. Of course we will not contact that person if you wish to make it a surprise.

  1. With which credit cards can I pay for the activities?

We accept all mayor credit cards as well as PayPal. 

  1. How can I change my purchase?

You can cancel or change your purchase up to 48hrs before the activity itself. You can still change the name of the participant at the same day as the tour. However, if you wish to change the beneficiary please provide us with the reservation number, name, email adress and telephone number to make the change.

  1. How can I be sure the purchase was successful?

By giving our attentive customer service your reservation number and name and our staff will be happy to assist you and confirm your purchase.

  1. Can I request the return of a purchase after the expiry date?

After the successfull realization of a tour, you cannot request a refund of your purchase.

  1. How can I find out about the availability of the tour?

You can see the availability on our website when booking.

  1. When will you charge me for the purchase?

The charge for you purchase goes automatically. If you change your mind within the first 48hrs you will retrieve the amount.

  1. Is it necessary to bring a printed confirmation?

No – upon arrival of your car you only need to tell us your name and confirmation number.

  1. I do not have PayPal or a credit card, is there another method to book your tour?

Yes, you can transfer the money for the tour electronically to our account, contact our friendly staff to help you.

  1. I will participate with a companian. Where can I indicate their name?

If you go with a friend or in a group we only need one name to make the reservation. If the person indicated in the confirmation is not able to participate, let us know the name of the representative, the confirmation number and email to change your reservation.

  1. With what credit cards can I pay for the activities?

We accept all major credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD and American Express) as well as PayPal to make your purchase.

  1. What happens if I arrive late for an activity?

We know how difficult it can be to be exactly on time in Mexico. This is why you have 30 minutes of tolerance before we will consider a “No Show”. If these 30 minutes are up there will be no refunds as it is considered as No Show.

  1. Where and when is the meeting point to start this tour?

We will pick you up directly at your hotel. It is important that you indicate the name of your hotel in Special Requirements in the form of reservation. If you do not have a hotel yet or if it is not indicated in your reservation form, you can coordinate with us via email 48 hrs in advance.


  • "Away from the crowds"
    In this little distillery we had really the chance to learn what Tequila is all about and that is truly an art form. Participation in the whole process was great - even greater that we get to take a bottle of self-made Tequila home with us in the end!
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  • "Real Tequila!!"
    It was great to see where tequila comes from. Starting with the cactus plant until the finished bottle. We could take part in all of it. Way better value than the traditional tours that seem more commercialized. Individual unique experience! Best part of it was making our own bottle of Tequila. Not quite sure if I am a master blender yet - but I will find out in a few months when my tequila is ready to be opened!
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  • "Great adventure"
    We stayed in Guadalajara and heard about the Tequila Tours. We really wanted to do something special so this tour was perfect. In a group we arrived at a distillery that is not so known. We could take part in all the process of Tequila. I even cut one of the plants for making tequila. In the end we could mix and blend our own tequila and take a bottle of it home with us as memory. Can't wait to open it in a few months to taste what I created there!
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  • "True Experience"
    Me and my husband felt so welcomed in this tour! It was a truly Tequila Experience - we were not in a crowd of people walking by some plants and a destillery but we really could work with the tequila master to make our own tequila. We both look forward to compare the Tequila we created in this workshop! Truly more informative than just a walking tour!
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Maximum number of people : 25
Venue Facilities : Round-trip Transportation from Guadalajara, Distillery Cofradia and Tequila process, Ceation of your own Tequila, in bottle to take home, Guided visit to town of Tequila, Lunch in Tequila, Tequila tasting, bilingual guide (English-Spanish)

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