mexicofinder santa clara del cobre michoacan
mexicofinder santa clara del cobre michoacan

Santa Clara del Cobre

City of Copper

This “Magical Town” is part of the Pátzcuaro and ethnically dominated by the Purépecha people. The most unique thing in the area si that these people worked with copper since the pre-Hispanic era. Santa Clara is still famous for its copper products.

Many of the houses here have decorations made of copper. The town has mostly conserved its colonial look, with many buildings painted white and roofed in red tiles. Near Santa Clara, you can visit Lake Zirahuén. If you are looking for a harmonious and relaxing place, then Lake Zirahuen is definitely a great option. The birds around the pure fresh air, the crystal clear waters of the lake, and the many water sports you can perform here make it worth visiting.

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