Los Petenes Biosphere Reserve

House of the pink Flamingo, Pelicans and Crocodile

Discover Los Petenes Biosphere Reserve, an area of wetlands located just outside the city of Campeche. Admire over 1,000 square miles of vegetation, mangroves, small islands, and springs, full of different plants and wildlife. The fauna is as rich as the flora. You can find (among others) the pink flamingo, a pelican, the American crocodile, the alligator, heron, white ibis and white-winged duck, Yucatan parrot, wood storks, hawks, howler monkey, anteater, four-eyed opossum, and the manatee.

Inhale the fresh air and also be impressed by the remarkable variety of different trees in the area. Go kayaking or take a tour by “lancha” (boat) through the Canals previously used by the Mayans and now used by local fishermen. Enjoy the jungle atmosphere and savor the subtropical climate of the swamps.

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