The City of Tequila in Jalisco

Capital of the famous Spirit and Magic Town in Mexico

The city of the Tequila is considered a magical town, is the capital of the famous Mexican drink, ¨the tequila¨ a national heritage of Mexico given by the UNESCO. It is a place where you can have a tour by its fantastic landscapes of agave; visit the factory where this tasty drink is made.

The official name is Santiago de Tequila. It was founded in 1530 is one of the most visited places in the state of Jalisco and is famous for giving the title to the native drink.

This magical town accounts for many attractions, such as the typical Mexican ranches of tequila, the national museum of tequila, the church of Santiago Apóstol, the mayor church, and the sanctuary of Saint Toribio are just some recommendations. 

However, don’t miss working as a jimador (a farmer who works in the fields of agave) and have an extraordinary experience doing what these men do to make this excellent drink. Tequila means “a place where you cut or place of workers.” 

it is the perfect place where you can go on a family vacation trip. Due to its history, culture, traditions, and the natural resort of the agave! Don’t miss the beautiful and unbelievable landscape paradise! During the one hour drive to the magical town of Tequila, where you will be able to see the blueish-green patches of agave plants that blend with the earth tones and greens of the countryside. The extraordinary Blue Agave plant is what we make the tequila with. Upon arrival to the town of Tequila, recognized as World Heritage, we will visit the downtown area, the Sauza Family museum and a replica of an old tequila factory. We then visit a working distillery to see the entire process of elaborating on our national liquor. Learn to distinguish the different types of tequila and why not have a taste of them all.

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