mexicofinder cenote dos ojos quintana roo
mexicofinder cenote dos ojos quintana roo

Incredible Cenotes you can enjoy in the Riviera Maya

Best swimming experience in Riviera Maya

Have you ever dream of swimming in crystal clear waters?. In that case, the Riviera Maya’s cenotes can be an excellent option, from apprentices to the most experienced can enjoy these beautiful waters that you can find in the Riviera Maya. 

The cenotes are water reserves contained in spectacular caves. We suggest you visit these beautiful places in the company of guides to make your experience safer and more enjoyable. Below, we share with you some of the best cenotes where you can enjoy an afternoon full of adventure:

  1. Chac Mool: This is one of the cenotes preferred by divers who would like to have their first experience exploring Caves. If you respect all the danger signs and preferably join a group, this place can be enjoyable.
  2. Xkekén: This spectacular cenote is located 3 kilometers from Valladolid, on the road that joins Merida’s city. It is a magical place because its entrance is very narrow. When you enter, you can find a majestic place with crystalline waters. This is one of the cenotes most visited by tourists. 
  3. Sacred Cenote: 5 kilometers from Chichen Itza, this cenote was visited for sacred purposes. That is why its name is connected to the pyramid of Kukulcan through a 300-meter road. It is a place that was used to make sacrifices to thank the God of rain.
  4. Tajma-hál: Named after the famous Indian monument, this spectacular cenote is a set of interconnected cenotes 25 kilometers south of Playa del Carmen. This cenote is mostly visited by experienced divers. It has a water wall 5 meters deep where you can visit secret caves after overcoming that profound obstacle. In the surroundings of this cenote, there is a wide range of restaurants and bathrooms for its visitors’ comfort. 
  5. Great cenote: This beautiful cenote is located 5 kilometers from Tulum. It is the most famous cenote in the country. It has a half-moon shape that enchants its visitors. You can practice snorkeling without any difficulty. For the most experienced, you can dive in its waters that reach 10 meters deep. It is a beautiful place. You will find a wide range of restaurants and a whole experience since it is a lovely place where you will appreciate the best landscapes. 
  6. Ponderosa: Finally, we want to tell you about this cenote that turns out to be fantastic, its vegetation is spectacular, and this cenote reaches 15 meters deep, so you can enjoy an afternoon of diving if you have the experience. Its waters are crystal green, and the color of its vegetation makes a spectacular contrast with its waters. 

These are the cenotes that we bring to you today. It is a plan that you cannot miss. Whether you have a lot or little experience in diving, you can practice snorkeling in one of them and enjoy the offer of activities related to the visit to the cenotes. You can organize many plans and spend a full day in the cenotes where you can enjoy the wonders of nature. 

We hope this guide to the best cenotes will allow you to enjoy an afternoon full of adventure, and if you know more than one, so much the better!

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