Chichen Itza

Definitely one of the most iconic places in Mexico

Its exceptional beauty and convenient geographic location make Chichen Itza one of the most visited archaeological places on the Yucatan Peninsula and one of the largest and most prominent Maya cities.

Nowadays, Chichen Itza is, without a doubt, the best-preserved Maya site in the region. Recognized as UNESCO World Heritage and also recently declared one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Various different architectural styles are seen in Chichen Itza. The most famous landmarks are the Ballgame Court, the Temple of Kukulkan (“El Castillo”), the Platform of the Skulls, the Observatory, the Temple of the Jaguar, the One Thousand Columns, and the Sacred Cenote.

The cosmological and mathematical knowledge applied in the constructions of this site has astounded scholars from around the World. It’s definitely one of the most iconic places in the country, a place that can’t be missed on a trip to Mexico.

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