Catedral Metropolitana in Mexico City

Top point of interest in Mexico City

The construction of the Metropolitan Cathedral started in 1525 and went on until 1813. Since then, it is one of the biggest cathedrals of the world, embellished with a Spanish baroque façade and a neoclassical cupola. Due to its uneven, muddy subsoil and its immense weight, the Cathedral is sinking continuously.  Since the 1990s, experts are working on the stabilization of the building. A pendulum in the cathedrals shows this bent.  Further must-sees are the Capilla de San José, the Altar del Perdón, the Altar de Los Reyes, the paintings of Miguel Cabrera or the Capilla de Nuestra Señora de Los Dolores. It is recommendable to simply enter the Cathedral and enjoy the beauty and impressiveness of this immense building.

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