Camino Real Campeche Crafts Route

A journey full of tradition

The Camino Real (Royal Route) of Campeche is a journey full of tradition, a tour of crafts, and the most typical cuisine. It includes several little villages. Taste the traditional bread baked in stone ovens in Pomuch. In Hecelchakán, home of a large indigenous Mayan population, you can visit the colorful local market and the Anthropological Museum of the Camino Real, housed in a 17th-century mansion with an impressive collection of regional Mayan artifacts.

Bécal is home to one of the most fascinating traditions of the region: the fabrication of jipi hats from guano palm, known worldwide as Panama hats. You should really visit a workshop to see for yourself the handmade, precise, and passionate production process to understand that a machine could never achieve the same result. Take a moment and ask the town’s friendly people where you can try the coconut horchata, one of the most refreshing and original flavors of the region.

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