Best Things to do in Zacatecas, Mexico

The WOW destination of Mexico

Zacatecas is a charming city sitting at the shadows of the hillside. This unique destination, characterized by the pink quarry stone, is located in central Mexico. Also known as the 16th-century silver mining hub, Zacatecas offers much historical heritage and magnificent architecture for you to explore. This beautiful city is filled with majestic colonial buildings, scenic parks, mazy streets and alleys, and vibrant culture.So, if you are wondering why you should add Zacatecas into your travel itinerary, keep reading. We have picked some of the best things that you can do here; you will feel wow.

Explore the mine, Mina El Eden and do clubbing at night

Mina El Eden is the rich mining heritage of the city. This place was once known for mining gold, silver, lead, and zinc, but now it has been converted into a fascinating tourist destination. Take a train to explore the inside of the mine through picturesque tunnels and galleries. Enjoy the history of mining at day and go clubbing at night. La Mina Club is a nightclub that offers a pleasant partying experience with loud music and beverages. It has the perfect combination of strobe lights and contemplating décor that will please you. So, party all night and get thrilled.

Cathedral Zacatecas

Cathedral Zacatecas, the pink stone cathedral, is a precious representation of Mexican churrigueresque architecture. Visit this incredible place to admire the blend of indigenous and European elements. Observe the elaborate Churrigueresque Baroque style of the pink stone façade and a tiny figure of an angel holding a tabernacle. Do not miss the somber interior and 24-carat gold leaf altarpiece.


Teleferico is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Zacatecas. This trip features the most spectacular views abroad in the cable car. Have a 7 min tour of cable car cross the two stations and enjoy the unbeatable view of the city surroundings. Enjoy the bird’s eye view of the remarkable buildings, monuments, and beautiful landscapes.

Drop by the former Templo de San Agustín

The former temple San Agustin is one of the most beautiful churches of the state and a superb place to explore. It features a gallery, museum, and a hidden unusual library of stones engraved with Baroque motifs. This holy sight is an impressive sight to behold with its incredible architecture, brilliant quarry carvings, large dorms, and arches.

Wander through Rafael Coronel Museum

Do not miss the historical collection of Mexican folk art at Rafael Coronel Museum. This museum is filled with beautiful Mexican art collected by Rafael Coronel. Walkthrough the halls, observe the beautiful masks, paintings, craftworks, pottery, and totems and admire the famous works by Diego Rivera.

Look into Pedro Coronel Museum

Pedro Coronel is a famous Mexican art museum that exhibits the beautiful collections of arts donated by the Zacatecas painters. Visit this beautiful historical building and admire the impressive collection donated by Pedro Coronel. Here you will find Hispanic pieces of art, Greek and Roman art, Ritual masks, and famous works by Picasso, Goya, and Miro.

Enjoy a fun day at Parque Recreativo La Encantada

Parque Recreativo La Encantada is one of the main tourist attractions in Zacatecas. This family park features lush wooded areas, recreational sites, beautiful murals, and zoo. Visit this park, have a look at 182 different animals, and enjoy a relaxing picnic under the shade of trees. Go for a mini train ride, walk along the tartan track, and have a beautiful day.

These were some of the best things that you can do to make your trip worthwhile.

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