Mayan City immerse jungles of southern Campeche

Travel to the jungles of southern Campeche, a journey that will take you through tropical vegetation and picturesque villages of the Yucatan Peninsula. Visit the archeological site of Calakmul, which is located within the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, allowing you to visit an essential pre-Hispanic site and enjoy nature at the same time. Calakmul Archeological site is listed as World Heritage and features 6,750 ancient structures, including the 55-meter (180 ft) high Great Pyramid, a 42-meter (138 ft) tall pyramid, tombs, a ball court, and other important structures.

This ancient Mayan city played a crucial role in the region’s history for over twelve centuries and is one of the symbols of the Maya civilization’s political and spiritual development. While visiting this great site, don’t forget to enjoy the jungle environment. The biosphere reserve, with 723.185 hectares, is considered the most extensive jungle environment in Mexico.

Calakmul hosts creatures such as the jaguar, puma, ocelot, anteater, spider monkey, howler monkey, tapir, countless species of wild birds, 50 kinds of reptiles, and 73 types of wild orchid flowers. Stay in a jungle lodge and see what wildlife you will encounter! Only 30 kilometers from Calakmul, you may also visit the ruins of Balamku, mostly known for its stunning frescoes and frieze.

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