Mazamitla in Jalisco State

A beautiful gem in the state of Jalisco

Mazamitla is a town in the state of Jalisco called often “little Sweden” due to its beautiful Nature. This natural town is the perfect zone to spend a camping time and admire incredible landscapes. If you want to enjoy the nature, the forest, or whether you are a haunting lover this is the right place.

Mazamitla is what you are looking for a relaxing vacation from the crazy life in the city. Having different experiences, adventuring yourself to this land that offers you the excellent opportunity to enjoy the fantastic worth living Mazamitla, is located in the southeast of Jalisco, Mexico, and has been one of the top magic towns of the state. 

This place is full of unforgettable experiences, the capital of the mountains, excellent weather, rivers and waterfalls, and a great variety of fruits. Mazamitla also keeps a lot of traditions that are celebrated throughout the year, for example, the festival of the town’s foundation, religious holidays, such as the saint Cristobal which is the leading spiritual figure representing the town and the fair that is called the flora of the region.

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