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    Contact us for booking one of our ready-to-go products, ask for more information, or send us your specific wishes so we can create a tailor-made program just for you.


    We will get back to you about the program of your choice. We might ask you some questions in order to refine your holiday according to your specific wishes.


    Once you are completely happy with the offer we sent you, the booking can be confirmed. We will make sure all reservations are made and will prepare an unforgettable holiday for you. Of course we will keep in touch in the meantime. Dreams are now becoming reality!


    In most trips, one of our representatives will personally welcome you when you arrive at the airport. During your trip, dreams are becoming unforgettable memories. We will keep track of how things go, just to be sure everything goes as we want it to be. Once you are going back home, we love to receive your feedback and stay in touch!


What is the best period for traveling to Mexico?

It’s always a great time to travel to Mexico. Be aware that July and August are peak months, both for Mexicans and foreigners. Other important holiday seasons are “Semana Santa” (the week of Easter), and the last week of December and the first week of January (Christmas and New Year). During these peak seasons, especially beach destinations can attract huge crowds, room prices can seriously increase, and touristic services might be booked fast. Mexico City, however, can be (relatively) quiet during Mexican holidays. The weather in Mexico varies by region and season. Rain season falls roughly from May through October. But don´t be discouraged because of the rain season. It usually only rains in the evening, during the day you will still see a lot of sun, and in many places the vegetation increases and landscapes become green(er) during these months.

What is the benefit of booking individual/private services?

In case you prefer private services, you have the advantage of deciding which places you would like to visit and how much time you would like to spend at each of these places. You have more flexibility. It is your personal, tailor-made tour or program. The tour guide will only be there for you, your family, or group of friends.

What is the benefit of organized group travel?

We offer various options of circuits with fixed dates. To run the tour a minimum of 2 persons is required. Up to 15-20 persons can take part in a circuit. Enjoy the most beautiful places of Mexico in company of other travelers from all around the world. Organized group travel usually is a lot cheaper and can give you the opportunity to get to know like-minded people from different countries, or even to make friendships for a lifetime. Besides, you do not have to worry about anything, as everything will be completely organized for you, so that you can enjoy your holiday to a maximum.

Can I book customized programs?

Yes, this is what makes us different from other online agencies. If you want to have it your way, consider our online offer as inspirational and send an email to
Indicate how you wish to have your program. Where do you want to go? With how many persons? When? In which language? Etc. We will quote a customized program and send you our offer. With your comments we can refine the program until you are ready to book!

Is the departure of a touring holiday (on shared basis) guaranteed?

Yes, the touring holidays in shared basis that are offered on our website have guaranteed departure dates (unless unforeseen circumstances occur). They only require a minimum of 2 participants.

I am a single traveler and want to participate in a touring holiday that requires a minimum of 2 participants, what can I do to participate?

Our touring holidays require a minimum of 2 participants. For single travelers, a supplement will apply. Please contact us for more information by sending an email to Please mention the name of the touring holiday in which you are interested.ntil you are ready to book!

Can I add activities or a beach extension to an existing program offered on Mexico Finder?

Yes! We offer optional activities and options for a (beach) extension on our website. If you are interested in an extension and you cannot find it on Mexico Finder, please send an email to We will quote it and send you prices. The possibility of adding activities to an existing program (in shared basis) depends on travel schedules. In most ready-to-go programs, activities are already included. Contact us at the above mentioned email address and we will inform you about the options. If the program clearly indicates that there is space for an optional activity, there won´t be any problem. You can add activities yourself by booking them on Mexico Finder or contact us for assistance.

What should I bring with me?

This depends on the type of trip you are planning to have in Mexico as well as the time of the year. The season, the climate of your destination, the activities you plan to participate in, and the duration of your trip will determine what you should pack.
Don’t forget your travel documents (including the necessary paperwork if you’re planning to drive) and check before whether you need to apply for a visa. Take the required vaccinations. Be sure you have an adequate travel insurance. Although US Dollars are accepted in some popular beach destinations (such as Cancun), in most places you can only pay in Mexican pesos. So don’t leave home without credit and/or debit cards, so you can withdraw cash from ATM machines. We recommend bringing your travel itinerary, with booking confirmations. Of course you also want to bring you photo camera with you.
Consider that not all places at all times in Mexico have hot weather, it can actually get pretty cold in certain regions in winter months so pack accordingly. This is especially the case in Northern regions and cities at high altitudes (such as Mexico City). If you go to a beach destination, pack a bathing suit, a towel, sandals (or flip-flops), t-shirts and shorts. If you go to more traditional, colonial towns in inland Mexico, take more conservative clothes with you. Wherever you go in Mexico, it´s always good to bring a sweater or jacket for the evenings (or air-conditioned spaces).
Check whether you need to bring any medications. Taking malaria pills is not really necessary for traveling in Mexico, but malaria does occur in some rural areas. You may want to bring diarrhea tablets, aspirins, DEET-containing insect repellent, and sun block.
Finally, a pocket version of a Spanish dictionary can be useful. Also try to learn some Spanish before your trip.

Is traveling in Mexico safe?

Yes, traveling in Mexico is safe. Mexico is among the world´s most popular tourism destinations and each year millions of people safely enjoy their visit to Mexico. Unfortunately, however, negative reports about Mexico have appeared in the international media over the past years. But these news items about Mexico have to be put in its context. First of all, Mexico is a huge country. The violence that you might have seen on TV mostly occurs in certain regions near the border with the USA or places located on drug-trafficking routes. Tourists are not targeted and in the vast majority of the country you can travel safely. Some Mexican states, Yucatan for example, even see less violence than many rural areas in the USA. Mexico´s famous beaches and cultural treasures are hundreds of miles away from isolated border violence, and they are often safer than many popular tourist destinations elsewhere.
If you want to have a more in-depth understanding about the current safety situation in Mexico, check official travel advisories issued by national governments. Be aware that the safety situation in a certain region can change rather rapidly sometimes.
We, from Mexico Finder, will always do our best effort to guarantee the safety of our customers. We will give travel warnings when we receive requests for trips to regions/destinations that we consider not safe. Always use common sense when traveling in Mexico, as you should do in any country. Every city and country has places that are safe and dangerous. Mexico is no exception. The areas that are dangerous should be avoided. And those that are safe should be enjoyed.

Should I be in good condition to travel in Mexico?

Generally speaking, traveling in Mexico is for everyone. Any required level of physical condition will depend on what kind of trip you are going to make. Mexico Finder indicates the estimated intensity level of each of our touring holidays. At the end, you need to make your own estimation, according to your health conditions, whether you are able to participate in an activity. If you are having doubts, please ask your doctor for advice.