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Internet access in Mexico

Internet in Mexico

Most visitors coming to Mexico anticipate a poor electronic infrastructure with limited internet access. In fact, however, high speed internet is available in most major towns and cities throughout the country. The high number of internet users in Mexico, in year 2016 there were 71 million, reflects the necessity of nationwide internet access. When travelling [...]
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The mystic garden of Edward James in Xilitla

Places you wouldn´t believe exist in Mexico

You may have visited Mexico’s wonderful beach destinations with its big resorts and tourist attractions. But there is so much more that makes Mexico a truly beautiful place. The country boasts 67 national parks and 41 biosphere reserves. Among Mexico’s deserts, rivers and mountains you will find more than 5000 miles of coastline and one [...]
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What to do in Mexico

Mexico is a lively, beautiful place on earth, filled with kind and open-minded people. The country offers interesting and unique architecture, important historical milestones and an extensive cultural heritage. From the ruins of the Maya and Aztec civilizations, to the rainforest, densely populated by a large number of species, to the vast extend of the [...]
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A very colorful VW Beetle in front of the blue Frida Kahlo house in Mexico City

The VW Beetle – Mexico’s history with “El Vocho”

The air-cooled, rear-engine VW Beetle is one of the most iconic cars in classic car history. Additionally it is the best-selling car of all time. During the original Beetle's 65-year production run, more than 21 million were built world-wide. This car shaped the landscape in Mexico City for years like no other. But where does [...]
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Top Ten Highlights of Mexico

There is no doubt that Mexico offers a wide range of tourist attractions and thrilling activities. However, it is quite tough to decide which sites to give priority to and which to skip for the moment. Thus, a list of the most interesting sites and attractions might help you make your decision.   1. Mexico City [...]
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guanajuato-colorful-city-mexicofinder destinations

Central Mexico – Get to know the real face of Mexico

Central Mexico Mexico’s beaches are legendary. However, when you’re ready for some culture and traditions, central Mexico’s colonial cities are the place to be! In comparison to the coastal areas, you won´t come across a flock of tourists in central Mexico. For this reason, you can experience an authentic and unforgettable vacation here. It’s in the colonial cities [...]
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Wine Heritage in Mexico – rich flavors, great vineyards and traditions

Summer time in Mexico is a time of celebrations and fiestas in the wine growing regions of the country. It is the time to harvest the grapes of the increasingly popular wine of Mexico. Mexico is more than just beer and tequila, in fact it is a great wine country as well. In this regard, [...]
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Best City breaks in Mexico for this summer

Are you planning a short City Break in Mexico? These cities will show you the best of Mexico just in few days all of them are well connected with international flights and are perfect for a weekend.  Explore Mexico, Find Mexico!

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Why Mexico?

As a well known Mexican saying goes, "Como Mexico no hay dos" ("Like Mexico, there is no other"). Traveling through Mexico is certainly an adventure for the senses. It´s an accumulation of unique experiences. What´s more, it is eating tacos or buying crafts at a local market. In addition, traveling through Mexico is climbing an [...]
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Tequila and its Distilleries

Visit the magical town of Tequila and its distilleries and get a good taste of Mexico´s national drink!

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